Lockers, Bus Tickets and Campus Dining Meal Cards

Locker Rentals -  $5.00 per Semester
Lockers are available for rental at Commodore Books & More and can be rented any time during the semester. All items must be removed from the locker at the end of each semester. Any contents remaining in lockers are held for a two-week period in the bookstore. Lockers may be renewed for more than one semester but must be renewed before the end of the current rented semester. Locker rental fees are refundable only if a student rents a locker for more than one semester at a time and does not return to classes the following semester. This refund may be made during the week of final examinations. LCCC cannot assume responsibility for the security of the contents of student lockers.

LCT Bus Tickets
LCCC is one of the locations that you can purchase LCT bus tickets and monthly passes.

Fixed Route Tickets
Purchase a book of ten tickets for the price of nine.



Senior citizens (65 plus)
Persons with disabilities
Children ages 3 thru 12


Monthly Commuter Pass
Passes are good from the first of the month thru the last day of the month.
Adults  $114
Senior citizens (65 plus)
Persons with disabilities
Children ages 3 thru 12

To qualify for half-fare, you must present either: 

  1. Medicare (you must have current documentation) 
  2. LCT Fare Deal Card 
  3. Proof of SSI/SSD payments 
  4. Proof of age if you are 65 years old or older 
  5. Any Transit ADA Card
  6. Golden Buckeye Card 

For more information, call us at (440)366-4055 or click here.

LCCC Campus Dining Meal Card 

You can purchase and reload the Campus Dining Meal Card at Commodore Books & More using your Financial Aid.  

The Campus Dining Meal Card can also be used and purchased/reloaded (with cash or credit card) at the following locations:

  • The College Center Marketplace
  • The College Center Starbucks    
  • The Corner Bistro      
  • The Library Bridge Cafe  

(Campus Dining is not responsable for lost, stolen or damaged card or any unauthorized card use.)