The 2015-16 Student Senate





Benjamin Colon Nieves

Public Administration / Accounting Major


Benjamin is Majoring in Public Administration and Accounting. He states that “as a foreigner his first goal was to learn English.” He successfully completed English as a Second Language here at LCCC and then became an LCCC student. Last semester Benjamin served as the Student Senate Financial Secretary.



Vice President


Carson Moen

Architecture Major


Carson is in her senior year of the Early College High School program. Currently she is hoping to finish her Associate of Arts degree at LCCC then transferring to Kent State to major in Architecture. She would like to minor in graphic design or video editing to allow her to express herself. Carson enjoyed her time on the Senate last year and came back to get students more involved and to get students to enjoy their time at the college.



Executive Secretary


Brendan Q. Bennett

Psychology (Industrial / Organizational) Major


Brendan is a sophomore this year at LCCC and is a lifetime native of Elyria. Previously, he worked for the Marketing Department at the college and recently transitioned to Student Senate. He will be receiving an Associates of Arts Degree this fall semester. Brendan will be starting the Cleveland State Partnership for Psychology next Fall and plans on graduating the spring of 2017 semester. After receiving his Bachelors, he plans on attending graduate school for Psychology at a local state school. This past school year Brendan achieved Dean’s List status for both semesters. He was also accepted into Psi Beta, the honors society in psychology. In this upcoming semester he is also planning on joining the Phi Theta Kappa honors society as well. Brendan joined the Student Senate because as a typical student he noticed areas where student interaction and other college processes could be developed more or revised. He also feels that every student should feel that they are listened to and their opinions are valuable to all of the student body and the college as a complete institution. Brendan and the rest of the Student Senate looks forward to making desired changes that the LCCC students would like to see implemented at our college.

Financial Secretary


Justin A. Christian

Business Management Major


Justin was elected to Student Senate as the Financial Secretary near the end of 2015. He is very driven to promote success of himself as well as others that surround him. Justin also has some international experience and works well with others that are diverse. He served as a member on The Best Place to Work Committee at TeleTech in 2010. Justin has previously studied accounting and to be a computer technician in 2004. Justin studies business management at LCCC and plans on enrolling at Kent State to obtain his Bachelor of Business Administration through the University Partnership program. Justin joined the Student Senate to help the students of LCCC get more involved in the community and also to promote goal congruence between the students and staff. An initiative of Justin’s is to start a program that will allow some students to qualify for free or reduced lunches.

Event Coordinator


Erika Murphy

Marketing Major


Erika is in her second year of taking classes. After this upcoming year she plans on transferring to Kent State University to pursue a degree in Marketing. Along with her Bachelors in Marketing she also intends on minoring in Advertising and Promotion to compliment her Marketing knowledge. Erika joined the Student Senate so she could gain experience in using her expertise as a marketer, and put her skills to the test to increase student involvement.


Outreach Representative


Kevin Klanac

Accounting Major


Kevin decided to return to school in 2015 after spending several years working in the manufacturing industry. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from The Ohio State University in 2010, where he graduated from the Honors College. He is entering his third term at Lorain County Community College in the Fall of 2015 and plans to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting through the college’s University Partnership with Hiram University. Kevin wanted to join the Student Senate to get a better picture of some of the internal functions of the college and take advantage of the opportunity to become a more involved member of the community.


University Partnership Representative