Computer Maintenance and NetworkingNetwork Systems

Computer network systems are used across business and industry in a variety of technical enviroments.  Networking programs include:

  • Administration
  • Infrastructure
  • Communications

Programs to Explore


Computer Information Systems - Network Administration
Short-Term Technical Certificate - Curriculum Code 6604
The Short Term Technical Certificate Network Administration provides the certificate holder a foundation in server administration in a Windows server environment. Areas of knowledge covered include but are not limited to: network infrastructure, active directory, server virtualization, server security, fault tolerance, video conferencing, data management and security storage networks. Students will install, configure and maintain file servers, application servers, web servers, e-mail servers, DNS servers and DHCP servers in an integrated and virtualized environment. Certificate is enhanced with exposure to Linus based servers.

Computer Information Systems - Network Infrastructure Technologies/CCNA
Short-Term Technical Certificate - Curriculum Code 6606
The Short Term Technical Certificate Network Infrastructure Technologies provides the certificate holder a foundation in the support and implementation of data communication networks. The certificate demonstrates that the student has developed an understanding and hands-on competence in local area wireless and wide-area network technologies which are deployed throughout the diversity of organizations. Students who have completed the certificate can apply network implementation and troubleshooting skills to converged networks that support voice, video and data while adhering to fundamental security guidelines. Successful completion of the certificate will prepare students to take the Cisco CCNA exam.

Associate of Applied Business in Network Communications Technology - Curriculum Code 6649 
This program prepares students to design, install, configure, test, and support business networks. Primary focus will be on network servers, network operating systems, network services, client workstations in an integrated and converged services environment.  Students will learn a strong set of technical skills coupled with business and communication skills so they can understand the needs of a business and apply their IT skills to give a business a competitive IT advantage.  Attention is given to designing networks whose components function seamlessly together and where the infrastructure is transparent, secure, and integrated into the organization so that the network enables the sharing of information, ideas, and resources between clusters of people.  Additionally students have the opportunity to take a wide range of IT courses providing more background in security, infrastructure, programming, and web design. A variety of elective courses are available to augment the program.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems, Networking Option From the University of Akron through LCCC's University Partnership
Many companies in Ohio and nationwide are providing career opportunities for highly trained professionals in the field of computer networking and network security – positions filled by graduates of The University of Akron's Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems, Networking Option. Companies want and need technically qualified people to help them compete at the highest possible levels of quality and productivity in today's extremely competitive world marketplace.