Project Hire

What is Project HIRE?

Project Hometown Investment in Regional Economies (HIRE) is a statewide American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) initiative focused on jobs. It provides enhanced job matching strategies that link employers and job seekers. Ohio Learning Accounts (OLA) are flexible training accounts of up to $6,000 for eligible dislocated workers who require training or certification as a condition of accepting a bona fide job offer in a targeted industry or in-demand occupation.

Ohio Learning Accounts can be used to provide short-term classroom training, on-the-job training (OJT), or a combination of both in order for an eligible job seeker to meet an employer’s hiring conditions.

“Dislocated” is defined as having been terminated (or received written notice of a pending layoff) by an employer through no fault of their own and are unlikely to return to the industry or occupation.


  • Dislocated workers are eligible to participate, whether they are identified by an employer or they originate from the pool of workers currently enrolled with One-Stop.
  • Workers are enrolled in Ohio Learning Accounts once there is a commitment to employment and the worker requires additional short-term training as a condition of the employment.
  • Positions may not result in the displacement of employed workers or replace a laid off worker.
  • Positions should not impair existing contracts, or result in the substitution of Federal Funds for other funds in connection with work that would otherwise be created.
  • Positions must be full-time and employer must retain the worker for at least one year during the normal course of business.
  • Funds are available until December 31, 2010 or until depleted.
  • All Ohio Learning Account training must be completed and billed by December 31, 2010. 
  • Employer must sign and complete all appropriate forms including the application, contract, and personalized career training plan before hiring an individual.

Lorain County Growth Partnership encourages you to take advantage of this program to identify hiring and training needs and assist qualified job seekers to return to the workforce, while filling a void within your company.


  • Training must be required as a condition of employment.
  • Training may consist of short term classroom training (defined as less than one year), on-the-job training, or a mixture of both. 
  • All classroom training must lead to a degree, license, or industry recognized certificate or credential. 
  • Training may not exceed $6,000 per participant, however, total funds may be allocated between short-term classroom and on-the-job training if needed.


  • Receive an educational grant of up to $6,000 per participant for Project HIRE employee training.
  • Project HIRE will pay 100% of short-term classroom training, up to the $6,000 grant limit.
  • Project HIRE will pay 50% of the regular training costs, up to the $6,000 grant limit, during an established on-the-job training (OJT) period.
  • Employer may be eligible for certain tax credits (i.e. Federal HIRE).

The Process

  1. Contact us with your current job opening at 440-366-4103
  2. Business Service Representative will follow up to discuss hiring needs 
  3. Review job description and collect hiring criteria 
  4. Employment opportunity will be posted via multiple portals
    • LCCC
    • LCJVS Job Board
  5. Once employment opportunity is submitted, local staff will review pool of candidates from such programs as Stimulate Your Career for potential matches 
  6. Resumés for qualified candidates will be submitted to employer for consideration 
  7. Business Service Representative will follow up with employer for:
    a) Status update on referred candidates,
    b) Additional candidates needed, or
    c) Training needs exist

We make the process easy for you. Simply contact your local One-Stop today to get on your way to savings!