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Addressing Attention Issues in the College Setting 
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Contact Information

Campus Location: 
College Center RM 234

Main Office:
440-366-4058 (number to be used for scheduling appointments, testing accommodations, general questions)

disabilityservices@lorainccc.edu   (may be used for general communication and for scheduling testing dates)

Fax: 440-366-4652

1005 North Abbe Road, Elyria, Ohio 44035

Lorain County Community College,1005 Abbe Road Elyria, Ohio 44035

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LRC, Room 115 Phone: 440-366-4058/ TDD 440-366-4135/Fax 440-366-4652

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In keeping with The Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, Disability Services provides accommodations and support services to individuals with a wide range of needs. Our goal is to empower students and to help students make the most of their educational opportunity and potential by providing access where there is a documented need. Further, the office follows confidentiality guidelines and secures personal information. We also provide assistance to faculty and staff.     

Overview of Registration with Disability Services:

For students to receive assistance through Disability Services, they must first request help. A student can either stop by our office located in LR 115, call us at 440-366-4058 or e mail the office at disabilityservices@lorainccc.edu


Click here for a checklist for registering with Disability Services 

  • Students who wish to register with Disability Services must also provide proper documentation of their issue. Documentation may be a letter from a doctor, therapist, case worker or other professional that outlines the issue and its effects on learning. Or, the student may have the professional fill out a Verification of Special Need Form. For students recently graduated from high school, the most recent IEP and MFE are required.
  • After the proper documentation has been obtained, the student will make an Intake appointment by calling the Disability Services office at 440-366-4058. During the Intake, the student will have time to further explain his or her need.
  • To get an accurate academic placement into courses at LCCC most students are required to take the COMPASS placement test, which is a computerized test. Some students may take the ASSET test, the paper and pencil version of the COMPASS test.  

All campus buildings have elevators and handicapped accessible entrances. These marked entrances are electronically wired and will open with an electronic door opener available for a student's use through Disability Services. The student must complete and sign an equipment loan form before obtaining this device. Campus parking lots have clearly marked handicapped spaces in all areas as well as van spaces. The number of handicapped parking spaces at LCCC exceeds the state requirement. Wheelchairs are available in the Campus Services office for on-site temporary use by any individual visiting our campus or for those taking classes. However, LCCC does not provide any attendant care. Classroom furniture accommodations may be made through Disability Services with adequate notification of the student's needs.

Staff in Disability Services who are here to serve you:

Jody Haserodt, M.S.
Learning Specialist
Christopher Smith, A.A.
Staff Assistant