Engineering, Business and Information Technologies Division


Administrative Associates

Kelly A. Zelesnik
Extension 7028, Room AT 116A

Jan Milicic
Extension 7038, Room AT 116

Carrie Hering
Extension 7405, Room BU 211

Administrative Staff Support

Ashley Keener
Extension 4939, Room AT 116

Amanda Nelson
Extension 4005, Room AT 116

Brad Blahnik
Extension 4005, Room AT 116

Claudia Lubaski
Associate Professor 
Extension 4030, Room BU 211P

Alternative Energy/Electronics Engineering Technology

Duncan Estep
Associate Professor
Extension 7016, Room AT 116B

Josh LaBonte
Laboratory Instructional Assistant, ALET
Extension 4925, Room AT 116

Alternative Energy/Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Tim Bruening
Alternative Energy/Fluid Power
Extension 7835, Room AT 116L

Automation Engineering Technology

R. Scott Zitek
Assistant Professor
AET Systems Specialist and Maintenance & Repair Program Coordinator
Extension 7024, Room AT 116J

Business Administration - Management Major

Anthony Cioffi
Extension 7409, Room BU 211G

Computer Information Systems

J. Mark Harms
Extension 7023, Room BU 211

Donald Huffman
Associate Professor
Extension 7397, Room BU 211C

Michael Harmych
Computer Resource Specialist 
Extension 7389, Room BU 211

Douglas Huber
Assistant Professor
Extension 4785, Room BU 211N

Michael Zellers
Assistant Professor
Extension 4796 Room BU 211J

Computer Engineering/Computer Maintenance & Networking/Electronic Engineering

Lawrence J. Atkinson
Assistant Professor CET/CMNW
Extension 7050, Room AT 116E

Jacob Joy
Laboratory Instructional Assistant, CMNW
Extension 7052, Room AT 116N

Hikmat Chedid
Professor, CET/CMNW Program Coordinator
Extension 7017, Room AT 116G
Construction Technology

Glenn Vasiloff
Program Coordinator
Extension 7009, Room AT 116U

Electronic Engineering Technology

David Astorino
Associate Professor
EET Program Coordinator
Extension 7215, Room AT116F

Chris Rohal
Laboratory Instructional Assistant, ELCT
Extension 4146, Room AT 129 

Terry Paul
Extension 7012, Room AT 116I

Microelectronics and MEMS Technology

Glenn Vasiloff
Program Coordinator
Extension 7009, Rom AT 116U

Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Roger Diamond
Associate Professor
CAM/CNC/Machining Program Coordinator
Extension 7014, Room AT 116Y

Karen Hardway
Laboratory Instructional Assistant, CADD
Extension 7076, Room AT 204

Diane Mann
Laboratory Instructional Assistant, CAMM/Machining
Extension 7051, Room AT 103

Glenn Vasiloff
Mechanical Design Program Coordinator
Extension 7009, Room AT 116U

Ryan Marquette
Technical Specialist, Mechanical Design
Extension 7015, Room AT 116S

Quality Assurance

George Pillainayagam, Ph.D.
Quality Assurance Program Coordinator
Extension 7008, Room AT 116Q

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Maria McConnell
Extension 7404, Room BU 211D

Welding Technology
Larry Waller
Technical Specialist
Extension 7030, Room AT 107

Taylor Sabo
Laboratory Instructional Assistant
Extension 7029, Room AT 107

Counselor, Enrollment Services

Klare Heston
Extension 4033, Room LC 160
For appointment, call 440-366-4033

Nord Advanced Technologies Center
Sandra Everett
Technical Projects and Training Manager

Extension 7035, Room AT 116C

William Herceg
Technical Projects and Training Manager
Extension 7046, Room 116

Non-Credit Public Offerings Coordinator 

John Fitzgerald
Extension 7019, Room AT 116D

National Center for Welding Education and Training (Weld-Ed) 

Duncan Estep  
Extension 7016, Room AT116B

Michael Fox
Research Analyst
Extension 4927, Room AT 116

Ramona Anand
Project Manager
Extension 4930, Room AT 116

Ashley Keener
Staff Associate
Extension 4939, Room AT 116