Welcome Students! This is your Service Learning stop to learn more information, get involved, or access resources. If you haven't already done so, learn What is Service Learning.  

Quick Links

Why Service Learning?

Service Learning is designed to be mutually beneficial for all involved. Learn more about the Benefits of Service Learning. Below are a few highlights of the potential benefits to students:

  • Higher academic achievement
  • Deeper understanding of course content
  • "Real world" application and experience
  • Increased civic engagement and social awareness
  • Growth of personal & professional network
  • Career exploration
  • Development of "soft skills"
  • Opportunity to make a difference
  • Certificate of Completion & Graduation Medallion
  • Invitation to Annual Service Learning Celebration

How to get Involved?

There are three main ways LCCC students can participate in Service Learning:

  1. View the Faculty Profiles of current Service Learning professors to see in what courses they teach and project examples.
  2. Ask your current professor if they would be interested in using Service Learning in your course.
  3. Contact the Service Learning Office.  

Current Service Learners

Below are a few resources for students who are currently taking a Service Learning course.

Student Orientation Video
View this 13 minute Service Learning Student Orientation video to assist in understand what service learning is, how it works, and prepare you for beginning your project. This video reviews content from the Student Guide.

Student Guide
In both a downloadable and online version, the Student Guide provides students with the information used in the Orientation Video and prepares students for Service Learning projects.

Student Project Report Form
The Student Project Report is required by all LCCC Service Learning students upon the completion of their project. The report helps to tell the story of student projects, tracks project information, and serves as the official confirmation making students eligible for receiving the Certificate of Completion and Graduation Medallion.

Forms Library
Access the main forms used by the Service Learning program. (Note: Some professors have their own specific forms. e.g. Timesheets, Agreements, etc.)

Community Partner Directory
View a listing of established Community Organizations who currently Partner with the LCCC Service Learning program. (Note: Though LCCC encourages projects that address our main partner needs listed here, LCCC Service Learning projects can also be formed through Faculty/Student identified partners.)

Stay Engaged!

    Even though Service Learning experiences end upon completion of the course, the needs of our community remain. Many students choose to continue service through their partner organizations or other volunteer opportunities. Below are a few options to continue (or even start) service:

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