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Manufacturing Center for Excellence

Lorain County Community College helps businesses adapt to the changing world with innovative services and training in advanced manufacturing technologies. Whether it’s retraining displaced workers in clean energy technologies or assisting a business convert its assembly line to create cutting-edge products, Lorain County Community College has the tools to keep Lorain County ahead of the curve. 

The United States manufacturing sector produces $1.6 trillion in value each year – a staggering figure in an industry that is the lifeline of Northeast Ohio. Lorain County Community College is intertwined with our region’s proud history in manufacturing. For more than two decades, LCCC has partnered with local businesses and organizations that affect the national manufacturing landscape. Using the knowledge of past successes and drawing upon a vast network of regional and national partnerships, Lorain County Community College connects today’s students and businesses with innovative skills and training that are vital to future success. 

Nationally Recognized Affiliations

Lorain County Community College’s affiliations with nationally recognized organizations continue to make it the premier place to turn when you’re looking to charge forward in your niche field. LCCC is one of only four community colleges to lead the implementation of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Manufacturing Skills Certification System; it is home to nationally recognized training facilities and new technologies, including the Alternative Energy Technology – Wind Turbine program, the National Center for Welding Education and Training, and the Fab Lab, one of only 30 digital personal fabrication labs in the world. All of these are providing students with the critical skills necessary to succeed in tomorrow’s economy.

LCCC’s dedication to these landmark enterprizes was in the national spotlight when President Barack Obama visited campus in January 2010. Lorain County Community College’s partnership with the National Association of Manufacturers and commitment to the development of sensor systems technologies at the Center for Advanced Systems Applications (CASA) on LCCC’s campus are furthering the president’s goals of increasing high-quality job training for the next generation of manufacturing technology.

Regional Partnerships

Groundbreaking partnerships with regional organizations like the Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network (MAGNET) and NorTech (the Northeast Ohio Technology Coalition) as well as the development of the Great Lakes Innovation and Development Enterprise (GLIDE), a regional business incubator on the LCCC campus, connect small and medium-sized manufacturers and entrepreneurs with the resources to turn their ideas into actions. Affordable training opportunities have been developed for laid-off workers by leveraging the resources of the Employment netWork, Lorain County JVS and LCCC. These resources link the regional workforce with the skills to stay ahead of the latest trends in green energy and manufacturing technologies. 

The manufacturing environment may be changing, but LCCC’s Center for Manufacturing Excellence is leading the way through these changes with nationally acclaimed programs and facilities that will spur innovation in our advanced manufacturing and technology industries for decades to come.

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