Workplace Relations

Associate of Technical Studies - Curriculum Code 0350

The Workplace Relations degree is designed to develop and refine human resource skills to support high-performance production and service delivery; to enhance relations, through mutual trust and respect, between management, employees and unions; to recognize and extend cooperation and employee decision-making for the benefit of workers, managers, business owners, and the public. The degree recognizes positive workplace relations as a vital component for success in today's fast-paced marketplace. The degree focuses on skills designed to improve the effective output of human resources and promote positive workplace relations to provide for business profit and growth, job security and employee satisfaction. Lorain County Community College has articulation agreements with colleges and universities including programs offered by Lorain County Community College's University Partnership.

ACTG 151  Accounting I - Financial


BADM 151 Introduction to Workplace Relations 3
BADM 152 Positive Employee Relations OR 3
BADM 255 Human Resources Management > 3
BADM 153 Recruitment,Selection, Training & Development  3
BADM 154 Compensation and Benefits 3
BADM 163 Employment Practices Law 3
BADM 164 Labor Law 3
BADM 264 Labor Management Relations > 3
BADM 285 Workplace Seminar > 3
CISS 121 Microcomputer Applications I 


MKRG 221 Consumer Behavior 


BUSINESS ELECTIVES: (Total of 9 Credit Hours)
BADM 167 Compliance with Employment Laws 3
BADM 265 Contract Administration > 3
BADM 266 Benefits Administration > 3
BADM 267 Collective Negotiations > 3
BADM 268 Safety Management > 3
BADM 287 Work Based Learning I >


BADM 288 Work Based Learning II >


BADM 289  Work Based Learning III >


ENGL 161 College Composition I 3
ENGL 162 College Composition II > 3
SDEV 101 College 101 ^ 1
Arts and Humanities Elective(s)** 3
Physical Education Elective 1
Science and Mathematics Elective** 3
Sociology/Psychology Electives 6
Total Credit Hours: 63

1. > Indicates that this course has a prerequisite.
2. OR Indicates that a student may select either course, which may have an effect on the total credit hours.
3. ** Select Science and Mathematics and Arts and Humanities electives from the General Education/Transfer Module.
4. ^ A student must register for the orientation course when enrolling for more than six credit hours per semester or any course that would result in an accumulation of 13 or more credit hours.

Established    March 2001
Revised         March 2007
Effective       May 2007