Stocker Arts Center - Hoke Theatre Seating Chart

Stocker Main Theatre Seating Chart

Cirigliano Studio Theatre

The Cirigliano Studio Theatre is a "black box" space that allows for flexible seating plans. Seating in the space will never exceed 150, and is always general admission - available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

The doors to both theatres open 30 minutes before curtain time.

Please Note: regarding TEMPORARY SEATING in the Hoke Theatre: the seating choices that have a "T" after the row and before the seat number (area marked TEMPORARY SEATING above) are not regular theatre seats. They are padded chairs.  If for your personal comfort you prefer regular theatre seats, please order seats that only have numbers and do not have a "T" in them.

Regarding WHEELCHAIR SEATING in the Hoke Theatre: we only have three wheelchair spaces on each side of the theatre. For certain events, they get sold out. If you need wheelchair seating, please call our Box Office at (440) 366-4040 for assistance as early as possible to assure that we can accommodate you for the events of your choosing.