An Amherst grandmother is reinventing herself with the help of Lorain County Community College and the University Partnership.

Annamarie Pabian had been working for a mortgage broker for five years when she lost her job. She decided the layoff would be a good time to make good on her dream to become a teacher and she enrolled at LCCC.

Pabian will earn an Associate of Arts degree in May. She will begin courses in September toward a bachelor’s degree in education from Ashland University through LCCC’s University Partnership.

Pabian earned top grades in her associate degree work and is the president of LCCC’s honor society, Phi Theta Kappa. However, college coursework didn’t always come easy for her.

“In the beginning when I came to college, I had not been in school since 1972.  I had to relearn my math and English, and now college was teaching them differently from the way I had learned them; especially, the English,” she said.

With the help of the tutoring center, Pabian was able to “get the dust off my brain.” She did so well, in fact, that she is now an English tutor at the college.

In addition to the help she received from the tutoring center, Pabian credits her College 101 course with helping her adjust to life as a college student.

“College 101 gave me skills to help me be successful, and it was the first class that I received an A in,” she said. “This set the ground work for me to obtain better grades in all my classes.”

Once she proved to herself and her family that she could handle – and excel – at her college coursework, her family jumped on board to support her educational journey.

“I got help from my husband who did the dishes, the wash, and helped me out when needed,” Pabian said. “I thank my husband for my success.”

When Pabian rolls to the Commencement ceremony on May 5, she plans on making an entrance.

“I want to put ‘Grandma is Graduating’ on the car at graduation,” she said. “This is a personal achievement for me and I am very proud.”