More students than ever before are choosing Lorain County Community College to earn a college degree to prepare them for the changing economy. Opening day enrollment Monday, August 17 at LCCC hit 12,284 – 14.3 percent higher than in 2008 when 10,743 students enrolled, and 78 percent more than in the year 2000 when 6,895 students enrolled.

“An increasing number of U.S. workers at every skill level face growing global competition,” said LCCC President Dr. Roy A. Church. “We must ensure that Lorain County residents have the tools to compete against anyone, anytime anywhere in the world. LCCC is uniquely positioned to provide the education and training to help them compete at any level.”

The current economic conditions have brought on a time of dramatic change and no where else has that change been felt harder than in Lorain County, Church noted. “Our residents recognize the need to prepare themselves for the careers of the future,” he said.

LCCC, through its Vision 2015 process, has become a catalyst in building Lorain County as a world-class community. LCCC’s Vision 2015 seeks to raise the community’s participation in higher education, prepare globally competent talent to compete in the innovation economy, accelerate business and job growth to enhance regional competitiveness and enhance community life through cultural activities.

LCCC students pay $95.50 per credit hour, one of the lowest tuition rates in the state. Full-time tuition per semester is $1,241.50. LCCC’s innovative blanket tuition plan offers a significant value and discount by providing students with the opportunity to sign up for up to 18 credit hours and pay for only 13 credit hours per semester, resulting in a savings up to $477.50 each semester. Approximately, 27 percent of LCCC’s students use this plan.

LCCC students receive an excellent return on their investment since associate degree graduates earn an average of $36,058 for starting salaries, which is more than 8 percent higher than bachelor-degree holders.

Combined with the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree on the LCCC campus through the LCCC University Partnership, the savings for students can be substantial. For example, a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Akron costs more than $60,000 compared to slightly more than $18,700 for the same degree from Akron through the University Partnership. A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Toledo costs more than $64,000 compared to a little more than $28,000 for the same degree from Toledo through the University Partnership. Approximately 3,000 students take courses through the University Partnership.