Cancellation Policy:

Because of the time and effort associated with event scheduling and logistics, LCCC reserves the right to assess cancellation fees based on the final, contracted facility value as follows: 

  1. 100% for events cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the contracted date.
  2. 50% for events cancelled 1-3 business days prior to the contracted date

Payment Options:
LCCC regularly processes payments by institutional, business, and cashiers checks; by authorized purchase order, and by credit card. All payments processed through our Bursar’s Office. The Bursar’s Office is located in College Center.

LCCC Facility Use Policies and Procedure

  1. All non-college users must comply fully with all local, state and federal laws, as well as with the College's policies and procedures. 
  2. Facility security will be under the control of the College and rental activities open to inspection by College officials at all times. 
  3. Lorain County Community College is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is not permitted in any building. 
  4. No person or organization shall be excluded from rental or use of College facilities because of age, sex, race, color, creed, disability, or national origin. No rules or regulations may be promulgated by a rental organization which discriminates against any person or group or excludes them from use of College facilities or participation in rental activities. 
  5. Parking will be provided for rental participants and patrons to the extent that facilities are available. Rental participants/patrons are to park in lots designated for students. Parking lots are not available for purposes other than their intended use. 
  6. Youth or children's groups shall be supervised at all times by responsible adults provided by the rental organization. 
  7. Approval for use of facilities may be revoked by the College in an emergency, when use interferes with regular College use, when facilities are misused, or when College regulations are violated. The facility request/contract will not be renewed when revoked for misuse. 
  8. Individuals and groups using the buildings and grounds shall be required to assume responsibility for loss or damage of equipment, damage to buildings and grounds, and shall be held responsible for financial losses sustained by the Board of Trustees. 
  9. The applicant will hold the College harmless at all times from any claims or damage on account of injury to anyone using the College facilities and grounds in connection with the function sponsored or operated by the applicant and/or growing out of their use and occupancy of said facilities and grounds, or through any defect in said premises, including the sidewalks adjoining the same and use or operation thereof. 
  10. Any personal property in the College facilities or on College grounds shall be kept at the risk of the person bringing it thereon. The College shall not be liable for any damage to said personal property or the applicant or anyone using the facilities and grounds in connection with the function sponsored or operated by the applicant arising from the accident or neglect of any other person whatsoever. 
  11. Promotion/advertising materials used for conferencing events must be approved for content and placement, prior to their distribution, by the LCCC official responsible for approving the facility request/contract. All materials, including directional signs, must be removed immediately after the event. Materials shall not be attached to any surfaces.

Dining Services Policies and Procedures

LCCC is pleased to offer full service dining services. Catering arrangements may be made with the One-Stop Shop located at the Spitzer Conference Center or by calling 800-995-5222 ext.4100 or 440-366-4100 during business hours.

  1. LCCC requires that all food and beverages served on the LCCC Campus must be provided by our catering operation.
  2. Menu selection and an estimated number of participants should be communicated to LCCC 5 business days prior to the event. For events involving 75 persons or more, LCCC requests notification 10 business days prior to the event. Menu options for events scheduled less than 5 business days in advance will be at the discretion of LCCC. 
  3. A minimum guarantee based on the expected number of participants must be provided to the catering office 3 business days prior to the event. Decreases in the minimum guarantee requested less than 3 business days prior to an event will be permitted only at the discretion of the catering office. 
  4. A minimum number of 5 persons are required for food service. Groups of less than 5 persons will be charged equivalent menu prices up to the 5-person minimum, or an additional $25, whichever is less.
  5. For food service cancelled less than 3 business days prior to an event, LCCC reserves the right to charge up to the full amount of all food ordered. 
  6. Published menu prices are determined by LCCC and are non-negotiable. Customized menus may be negotiated with LCCC. All prices are subject to change. 
  7. Catering charges will be subject to Ohio sales tax unless a tax exempt certificate or State of Ohio Direct Sales Tax Payment Permit

Equipment and Services

Conference & Dining Services meeting planners regularly draw upon the resources of Lorain County Community College vendors to provide a wide range of equipment, material, services, and technological expertise to our clients.

Audio-Visual Equipment

Wireless Presenter $15

Data Projector $75

Laptop Computer $50

Grand Room Projection System (includes computer) $100

Elmo EV 500 AF Document Camera $75

Portable Sound System $50

Microphone (Wireless or Wired Handheld or Lapel) $10

Audience Response Keypads (Turning Point Tech.) $100

Coherent 300A Teleconferencing System $75

Polycom FX Video Conference System (per hour) $100

DVD Player $20

Business Services

Photocopies: Color- .60,  Black & White- .35

Fax .25

Audio-Visual Services

Video Recording (per hour) $125

Audio Recording (per hour) $50

Codec Video Conference (first hour) $200

Codec Video Conference (each add’l hr) $175

Staging and Equipment

Vendor Skirting (after 5 tables) $2

Upright Piano $25

Piano Tuning (Required) $100

Stanchions $20

Choral Risers $15

Podium $15

Flip Chart with markers $10

Easel $5

Cocktail Table $10

Easel $5