Susan G. Paul

Associate Professor
Reference/Access Services Librarian

  • Current member of the Service Learning Advisory Committee
  • Began teaching with Service Learning: Fall 2010

Service Learning Courses:

  • SDEV 102:  Strategies for College Success

Why do you teach with Service Learning?

“I am a strong proponent of civic responsibility and engagement. After incorporating the Service Learning option into SDEV 102: Strategies for College Success, I have seen personal growth in all of the students who have chosen to work closely with a community partner and successfully complete the academic requirements of the Service Learning project. It doesn’t get any better.”

Project Explanation:

Students completing a Service Learning project in Professor Paul’s course will have the opportunity to work closely with a local community organization (e.g., Second Harvest Food Bank and the Lorain County Urban League). The Service Learning project allows a student to select from diverse community partners matching their interest to the need of the organization. Importantly, the student will have the opportunity to reflect upon their experience and discuss their community experience with the other students enrolled in the course (i.e., therefore, the Service Learning student is leading by example).

Success Story:

One of Susan’s students participated in the Second Harvest Food Bank repack of food donations and items received from local manufacturers and retailers.

"My experience with the Service Learning project was enlightening. The Second Harvest Food Bank really opened my eyes to how much an hour can help others. Not everyone is as lucky as the next person and I realized that through the Service Learning project. I am so very grateful for this program that is offered!"  

Get Engaged!

Are you a student or community organization interested in getting involved in Professor Joris’ projects, please contact her for more information.

Susan G. Paul