Dr. Harry Kestler

Professor of Microbiology 

  • Began teaching with service learning: Summer 2009

Service Learning Courses:

  • BIOG 151 General Biology

Why do you teach with Service Learning?

“I tell my students to leave the world a little better off than the way they found it; service learning is an excellent tool that can help them achieve that goal.”

Project Explanation:

Students completing a Service Learning project in Dr. Kestler’s courses get a chance to be a part of his current research on HIV/AIDS and help raise awareness and prevention in our community.

Success Story:

Student Angela O’Sullivan completed her service learning project along with her fellow students and Dr. Kestler’s team in the fall of 2010 by assisting with the LCCC “World AIDS Day” on December 2nd. The event was to raise HIV/AIDS awareness by providing informational pamphlets and brochures and also provided free testing to all (students/ faculty/ staff/ community members). About 60 people visited the event that day, many of which were tested.

“Once I knew that this information was real, I was charged to do something. You can’t just brush it off…Looking back, I woke up the next day with the knowledge that the event had a very in-depth impact upon me”. O’Sullivan was asked to write a reflection paper on the project, “It brought me to tears… If we could become more preventative...” She saw the impact the event had upon those who attended; even if she were to have made a difference with one person, the project was successful.

Get Engaged!

Are you a student or community organization interested in getting involved in Dr. Kestler’s projects, please contact him for more information.

Harry Kestler