Equipment and Services

Conferencing at LCCC meeting planners regularly draw upon the resources of Lorain County Community College and Lorain County vendors to provide a wide range of equipment, material, services, and technological expertise to our clients.

Effective July 1, 2015

Equipment is reserved on a first come, first served basis. Rental Fees are for a full day. Partial day rentals are not available. Additional equipment can be returned from outside suppliers at their published rental rates.


Data Projector

$75 each 


 $50 each

Computer Lab Setup


Conference Telephone

 $75 each

Document Camera

 $75 each

Projection System in Grand Room


Video Conferencing System


Audio Recording


Video Recording


CD Player

 $10 each

Portable Sound System (Fender Sound System)

 $50 each

TV/VCR and/or DVD Player

 $15 each

Microphone (Wireless or Wired/Handheld or Lapel)

$10 each

Wireless Mouse (Remote)

$15 each

Furniture & Linen



$5 each 

Flip Chart w/ Paper and Markers

$10 each

Podium (Floor or Tabletop)

$15 each

Stanchions w/ Rope

$20 for set 

Three-Tiered Choral Riser

 $15 each

Upright Piano

$25 each

Piano Tuning (REQUIRED)

$100 each

6' Table Skirt (first 5 are included in room cost)

$5 each

Table Cloth (any color other than white)

$5 each

Napkins Special Order

$2 each

Cocktail Tables

$10 each

Stage Extension/Removal





$0.25 each




$0.60 each

Black and White

$0.35 each 

Additional Personnel


AV Technician Rate

$50/hour/per person 

Driver Rate

$20/hour/per person 

Setup Rate

$20/hour/per person 

Bar Service

$50/hour/per person 

Concessions Rate

$30/hour/per concession stand