Great Lakes Technology ParkFee-Based Services at the Great Lakes Technology Park

Security and Emergency Response Services
LCCC Campus Services will provide security and emergency services. Officers will provide external building and parking lot patrol. Other services may be requested (including support for special events, alarm response and internal building patrol).

Read what others say about the Great Lakes Technology Park

Lynn Miggins,
President of KS Associates
“The Great Lakes Technology Park has all the things my business is looking for. It could be a new center for economy in Lorain County.”

Maureen M. Cromling,
President and C.E.O. of Ross Environmental Services, Inc.

“By locating in the Great Lakes Technology Park, we are entering into a partnership with Lorain County Community College that offers many services and opportunities that will be advantageous to our company and to our employees.”
Richard Desich,
CEO and founder of
Equity Trust Company

“Equity Trust is committed to Lorain County and wants to continue to grow locally.”

Comprehensive Building and Grounds Property Management Services Package
Packaged programs to meet size and scope of desired services.

General Building Maintenance
Performed on a regular basis (daily or weekly) including cleanup of exterior grounds and entrances.

Fire Protection, Mechanical and HVAC
Includes once-a-month visual inspection of all equipment to ensure proper operation, quarterly visits to perform preventative maintenance and seasonal startup of heating/cooling equipment. Services performed during normal business
hours. 24 hour emergency response provided for situations that risk life, health or safety of occupants. Safety inspections performed as required by state and local codes.

Janitorial Services
Janitorial and housekeeping services will be performed five (5) nights per week for all inside building areas.

Refuse Disposal and Pickup
Services will be performed with dumpster pickup every other week. A recycling program will be implemented if desired and is required if your building is to be LEED certified.

Window Washing (Interior and Exterior)
Includes quarterly washing of all exterior windows and twice a year for interior windows. Interior washing will be performed at time convenient to occupant. Exterior washing performed during normal business hours.

Weed and Feed Lawn Care Service
Annual lawn care fertilization program and semi-annual lawn weed control program.

Landscaping and Snow Removal Services
Landscaping services performed as needed to maintain healthy appearance of all plants and protect occupant's landscaping investment. Snow removal services include snow plowing and ice melting agent application to parking lot and walkways.

LCCC Health and Fitness Facilities
Permits employees to use all of the facilities, including the Fitness Center, Field House (indoor tennis) and track. The enrollment period is held twice a year (Fall & Winter).

Two corporate packages are provided:

  • Standard Corporate Group Plan (10 + Members Group):
    $210 / per person / year (52 week)
  • Mini Corporate Group Plan (5-9 Members Group):
    $260 / person / year (52 week)

Information Technology Services

Technical Infrastructure
The Great Lakes Technology Park's technical infrastructure has the bandwidth to support any firm's technology requirements with state-of-the-art infrastructure including advanced fiber optic backbone and other emergent digital technologies. The Great Lakes Technology Park offers the latest in technical capacity and capability.

Supported by Lorain County Community College's IT workforce, the Tech Park boasts not only capacity, but access to highly-skilled support. In addition to our full time staff, resource capacity of the College is extended through available contracted services. At LCCC, the transformation into the new digital age is in high gear.

Optional Fee-Based Service Enhancements

Telecommunications and Network Services
Third Frontier Network Access and Commodity Internet-1 Access:

  • 1.5 Mbps (Full T-1)
  • 3.0 Mbps
  • Above 3.0 Mbps

LCCC Telephone System Services

  • One (1) telephone extension and one (1) voice mail box
  • Telephone long distance and toll charges
  • Automatic call distribution (call trees, etc.)
  • Analog line (fax / modem)
  • Purchased telephone system services

LCCC can provide a quote for a system purchase, based on size and scope of requested services.

Internet and E-mail Services

Internet Service and E-mail
LCCC will act as Internet Service Provider, providing connection and e-mail services. LCCC can provide a static IP address for your domain name and e-mail accounts based on your account needs. E-mail account rates vary based on the number of accounts.

LCCC can transport to other ISP Services as available. Direct line access options are available in fractional T-1, full T-1 and DS3 dedicated line connections. Rates vary with speed required.

Service and Support
LCCC support service options include maintenance, PC setup and systems configuration. Premier services include consulting, engineering, design, planning project management, server setup and network hardware implementation.

For more information, contact Dennis Cocco at 440-366-4318. Or e-mail