Dorinda Smith

Associate Professor

  • Service Learning Advisory Committee Member
  • Began teaching with service learning: Fall 2007

Service Learning Courses:

  • PBAD 152 Program and Service Planning and Evaluation
  • PBAD 158 Human Resource and Volunteer Management

Why do you teach with Service Learning?

"Over the years, I have had the opportunity to observe students learning in a variety of ways and in a number of settings.  Without question, students who become connected to the greater community through Service Learning, gain a better understanding of the larger world – the needs – and how that information connects with what they are learning in various courses.  Students are better prepared to make connections between theory and actual practice.  They are able to apply many of the skills they develop in the course with the work they perform in their Service Learning Projects. They also develop new skills and expand their knowledge. Through Service Learning engagement, several of my students have established a tremendous network of resources and contacts; many have found entrée to job opportunities after graduation."

Project Explanation:

Students will have the opportunity to work on a project to provide service to a community organization.  The organization will have specific needs which cannot be met by employees of the organization but require volunteer service. This will be described fully in class and the organization will work with the professor and the students to provide a meaningful experience related to the course learning outcomes.

Success Story:

“When you talked about Service Learning in class, I asked myself how is this different than the volunteer work that I have done in the past. When I heard you explain the importance of it and how it became part of the learning process connected with our class, I thought oh my.  You can actually provide a service and learn, too.  And I did! I was quite impressed with how much I gained when I went to meet with the supervisor and found out what I would be doing. I appreciate having this opportunity. I would never have selected this organization nor had this experience.”  -Service Learning student Nikki

Get Engaged!

Are you a student or community organization interested in getting involved in Professor Smith’s projects, please contact her for more information.

Dorinda Smith