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LCCC's Film Series screens the world's finest art, independent, classic and foreign films to educate and enrich the greater Lorain County community and beyond. For more information on the Film Series or to be added to the mailing list, please call the Box Office at (440) 366-4040.  

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Film Admission: Exciting News! No annual membership required during our Stocker 35th anniversary season! The cost of admission is just $7 per person per film!

2015-2016 Fall Film Series 

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Friday, October 2 at 7:30pm


2015 (PG-13) 95 min. USA
Director: Brett Haley
Cast: Blythe Danner, Sam Elliott, Rhea Perlman

Carol Petersen, a widowed retiree in her early 70s, has had a full life. She had fruitful careers as a musician in Greenwich Village in the 60s and later as a schoolteacher in Southern California. She was married to a successful lawyer and she raised a beautiful daughter named Katherine. But that, as Carol says, "is all in the past tense." Now, 20 years after the death of her husband, she spends her days quietly reading books, golfing, or playing cards with her kooky friends Sally, Rona, and Georgina. While Carol is happier living on her own than in a retirement community with her friends, she still feels her current life is incomplete – that is, until she meets Lloyd, an aimless pool boy and dejected poet in his 30s, and then Bill, a handsome cigar-toting fellow retiree. Suddenly, Carol is navigating more plans than she's had in years. In the charming dramedy I'LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS, filmmaker Brett Haley combines astute performances with a sharp script to prove it's never too late to keep living.

"A modest, quietly touching portrait of an older woman radiantly embodied by Blythe Danner." – Stephen Holden, NEW YORK TIMES

"Now, after 43 years in feature films, Danner has gotten the opportunity to show what she can do, and in I'LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS, she is simply jaw-dropping, just wonderful." – Mick LaSalle, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

"A work of quiet, crystalline empathy, I'LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS is notable for reasons that nearly overshadow its modest yet indisputable charms. It's a drama about that kind of people invisible to the movies and much of our culture – senior citizens in the early evening of their lives – and it grants its characters individuality in ways that are almost wholly free of cliché." – Ty Burr, BOSTON GLOBE

Friday, October 9 at 7:30pm


2014  (R) 108 min. Chile/subtitles
Director: Sebastian Lelio
Cast: Paulina Garcia, Sergio Hernández, Diego Fontecilla, Fabiola Zamora


Gloria is a "woman of a certain age" but still feels young. Though lonely, she makes the best of her situation and fills her nights seeking love at social dance clubs for single adults. Her fragile happiness changes the day she meets Rodolfo. Their intense passion, to which Gloria gives her all, leaves her vacillating between hope and despair – until she uncovers a new strength and realizes that, in her golden years, she can shine brighter than ever. GLORIA was Chile's official entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards, and stars Paulina Garcia in a tour de force performance that captured the Silver Bear Best Actress Award at last year's Berlin Film Festival. The film GLORIA takes an honest, sweetly poignant look at a type of character that's all too often neglected in Hollywood.

"There is that feeling you get inside when a movie suddenly starts to push your every button, creating an emotional connection that goes beyond pure reason and mere emotion. It elevates your mood to such a point that you wish you could hug the screen out of sheer joy and recognition. That is what GLORIA did to me." – Susan Wloszczyna,

"The great accomplishment of GLORIA, the Chilean writer-director Sebastian Lelio's astute, unpretentious and thrillingly humane new film, is that it acknowledges both sides of its heroine's temperament without judgment or sentimentality." – A. O. Scott, NEW YORK TIMES

GLORIA is a work of maturity, depth and emotional insight. There's not a single false note here." – David Rooney, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"Pitch-perfect, terrifically written." – VARIETY

"GLORIA is one of the most enjoyable movies to come along in a while." – Betsy Sharkey, LOS ANGELES TIMES

Saturday, October 24 at 7:30pm


2014  (R) 120 min. USA
Director: Steve James
Cast: Roger Ebert, Martin Scorsese, Gene Siskel

Acclaimed director Steve James and executive producers Martin Scorsese and Steven Zaillian present LIFE ITSELF, a documentary film that recounts the inspiring and entertaining life of world-renowned film critic and social commentator Roger Ebert – a story that is by turns personal, funny, painful, and transcendent. Based on his bestselling memoir of the same name, LIFE ITSELF explores the legacy of Roger Ebert’s life, from his Pulitzer Prize-winning film criticism at the Chicago Sun-Times to becoming one of the most influential cultural voices in America. An uplifting and inspirational movie about Ebert’s colorful life up to his last day, where sickness did not overtake him, but instead he thought it was the right moment to let go. LIFE ITSELF, the only thing Roger loved more than the movies. Rich in detail and warmly affectionate, the film offers a joyful yet poignant tribute to a critical cinematic legacy.

“This is a uniquely powerful motion picture, the kind of open and honest portrayal I can’t ever recall having seen about a celebrity. LIFE ITSELF stands not only as a moving piece of documentary cinema but an epitaph.” – James Berardinelli, REELVIEWS

“Deeply enthralling!” – ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

“A remarkably intimate portrait of a life well lived.” – CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

Friday, October 30 at 7:30pm


2014 (R) 108 min. France, Germany/subtitles
Director: Pepe Danquart
Cast: Andrzej Tkacz, Jeanette Hain, Rainer Bock, Kamil Tkacz

A superlative saga of courage and compassion, RUN BOY RUN tells the extraordinary true story of a Polish boy who seeks the kindness of others in his solitary struggle to outlast the Nazi occupation and keep alive his Jewish faith. Escaping the Warsaw ghetto at the behest of his father, nine-year old Srulik flees to the woods. There, he learns to hide from SS patrols and scour for food, until loneliness and the harsh onset of winter drive him back to civilization. Taken in by a kindhearted farmer's wife, he is given shelter and a new identity. Passing himself off as Jurek, a Christian war orphan, the intrepid boy traverses the countryside from village to village, working as a farmhand under an ever-present threat of persecution. Some will help him survive and others will betray him. Just when it seems his childhood memories and identity could be lost forever, Jurek's harrowing journey culminates in a powerhouse conclusion and postscript. An unforgettable cinematic experience featuring exceptional performances, arresting cinematography and a transcendent musical score, RUN BOY RUN is directed by Oscar-winner Pepe Danquart and based on the bestselling Holocaust novel by Israeli author Uri Oriev.

"Audience Choice Award for Best Drama at Seattle and Los Angeles Jewish Film Festivals."

"A powerful tale of good, evil, and survival." – Laura DeMarco, THE PLAIN DEALER

Friday, November 6 at 7:30pm


1988 (R) 170 min. Italy/subtitles
Director: Giuseppe Tornatore
Cast: Marco Leonardi, Salvatore Cascio, Philippe Noiret, Antonella Attili

CINEMA PARADISO offers a nostalgic look at films and the effect they have on a young boy who grows up in and around the title village movie theater in this Italian comedy drama that is based on the life and times of screenwriter/director Giuseppe Tornatore. The story begins in the present as a Sicilian mother pines for her estranged son, Salvatore, who left many years ago and has since become a prominent Roman film director who has taken the advice of his mentor too literally. He finally returns to his home village to attend the funeral of the town's former film projectionist, Alfredo, and, in so doing, embarks upon a journey into his boyhood just after WWII when he became Alfredo's unofficial son. In the dark confines of the Cinema Paradiso, the boy and the other townsfolk try to escape from the grim realities of post-war Italy. The town censor is also there to insure nothing untoward appears onscreen, invariably demanding that all kissing scenes be edited out. One day, Salvatore saves Alfredo's life after a fire, and then becomes the new projectionist. A few years later, Salvatore falls in love with a beautiful girl who breaks his heart after he is inducted into the military. Thirty years later, Salvatore has come to say goodbye to his life-long friend, who has left him a little gift in a film can. In 2002, over a decade after the film's original release, Tornatore brought the original 170-minute director's cut to American screens for the first time. CINEMA PARADISO is a beautiful work of cinema that's unforgettable.

"Recent changes to cinemas which have seen the projectionist's art sidelined in the digital age add a further layer of poignancy to the magical memories." – Mark Kermode, OBSERVER (UK)

"One of the most delightful and affecting of all movie endings." – Brian Viner, DAILY MAIL (UK)

"You leave CINEMA PARADISO with that feeling that's kind of like getting kicked in the stomach, but nice. It's one of those breathless, swept-away-by-a-movie experiences that you might have once a year, if you're lucky." – Mick LaSalle, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

Friday, November 13 at 7:30pm


2004 (Not Rated) 130 min. Sweden/subtitles
Director: Kay Pollak
Cast:Michael Nyqvist, Frida Hallgren, Helen Sjoholm


An internationally renowned Swedish conductor returns to his childhood village and agrees to help the local church choir hone their singing skills. The harder Daniel works to draw out the singers' hidden inner talents, the more he realizes just what he's been missing by living in the big city. Before long, he's made new friends, and found a new love. A heartfelt tale of inspiration and discovery, AS IT IS IN HEAVEN was Sweden's official submission for Best Foreign Film at the 2005 Academy Awards. It is a heartwarming story of love, community, and redemption through faith in the transcendent powers of music. A gripping, uplifting and emotionally powerful drama.

"It tells its tale of love, community and redemption with wild mood swings and a true believer's faith in the transcendent powers of music." – Amy Biancolli, HOUSTON CHRONICLE

"The title brackets the basic human need for happiness and its spiritual equivalent, themes with which the film deals in subtle but powerful ways." – URBAN CINEFILE CRITICS

Friday, November 20 at 7:30pm


2015 (PG-13) 119 min. United Kingdom
Director: Thomas Vinterberg
Cast: Carey Mulligan, Michael Sheen, Tom Sturridge, Matthias Schoenaerts

Based on the literary classic by Thomas Hardy, FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD is the story of independent, beautiful and headstrong Bathsheba Everdene, who attracts three very different suitors: Gabriel Oak, a sheep farmer, captivated by her fetching willfulness; Frank Troy, a handsome and reckless Sergeant; and William Boldwood, a prosperous and mature bachelor. This timeless story of Bathsheba's choices and passions explores the nature of relationships and love – as well as the human ability to overcome hardships through resilience and perseverance.

"Director Thomas Vinterberg's romantic rollercoaster honors Hardy's rustic vibe. Remarkably, too, he's made a thoroughly modern film anyone can relate to – it's like a "what a woman wants" discussion set in Victorian times. It's also an instant classic." – Graham Fuller, NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

"Its virtues are many and this filmed version of Hardy's fourth novel is well worth seeing. It rises head and shoulders above most of what we've been seeing lately."  – Rex Reed, NEW YORK OBSERVER

"It's beautifully old and atmospheric without feeling dated." – Colin Covert, MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE

Friday, December 11 at 7:30pm


2014 (PG-13) 114 min. United Kingdom
Director: Morten Tyldum
Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley

During the winter of 1952, British authorities entered the home of mathematician, cryptanalyst and war hero Alan Turing to investigate a reported burglary. They instead ended up arresting Turing himself on charges of 'gross indecency', an accusation that would lead to his devastating conviction for the criminal offense of homosexuality – little did officials know, they were actually incriminating the pioneer of modern-day computing. Famously leading a motley group of scholars, linguists, chess champions and intelligence officers, he was credited with cracking the so-called unbreakable codes of Germany's World War II Enigma machine. An intense and haunting portrayal of a brilliant, complicated man, THE IMITATION GAME follows a genius who under nail-biting pressure helped to shorten the war and, in turn, save thousands of lives.

"An enthralling spy thriller-turned-prestige bio pic that features a world-class performance by Benedict Cumberbatch." – Bruce Bennett, SPECTRUM

"Solid historical drama about someone who changed the world but is unknown today." – Kelly Vance, EAST BAY EXPRESS

"A moving tribute to an extraordinary man." – Mara Reinstein, US WEEKLY 

Film Admission

There will be no annual membership required during our Stocker 35th anniversary season! The cost of admission is just $7 per person per film!

  • Films start at 7:30pm and are shown in the Hoke Theatre of Stocker Arts Center.
  • $7/ticket. 
  • AND BEST OF ALL...Any Time Tix are available for the entire year! You can purchase as many Any Time tickets as you think you'll need all at once and use them for any of the films that play during the 2015-2016 Film Series. Buy 10 and use 2 per film for 5 films, or buy 5 and use 1 per film for 5 films -- it's your choice. Any Time Tix will expire as of the last film of the 2016 Winter/Spring series, so don't buy too many. There are NO REFUNDS for Any Time Tix that you purchase but don't make sure you use them all!*

    *Any Time Tix are good for the FILM SERIES ONLY and cannot be transferred or used for any live events occurring at Stocker Arts Center.

All films begin at 7:30 pm and are shown in the Hoke Theatre of Stocker Arts Center. 

The Stocker Box Office is open Monday through Friday from noon to 6 pm and 90 minutes prior to ticketed events, including films. You can reach the Box Office at (440) 366-4040.

Sorry you missed these great films:

Friday, September 11, 2015 - BOYHOOD
Friday, September 18, 2015 - STILL MINE
Friday, September 25, 2015 - THE HUNT



The Stocker Arts Center Film Society is truly an alternative cinema, as most of these films have not played in Lorain County and are not always readily available on video. Audiences have the opportunity to sample the gourmet flavor of prize-winning foreign films as well as the exciting energy and originality of contemporary independent American and international cinema.

The LCCC Film Society's series focuses on human relationships, moral and social issues, cultural and religious diversity and universal human emotions and aspirations, including humor, disappointment and tragedy.

The first Film Series film was premiered on campus more than 48 years ago by Professor Emeritus Robert Dudash (who is still the LCCC Film Society Director!), making it the longest running non-academic activity at LCCC.





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