Associate Degree Nursing

Associate Degree Nursing

  • Description: The Associate Degree Nursing program prepares graduates to function as registered nurses in hospitals, nursing homes and other health care agencies. Registered nurses promote health for clients through hygienic care; teaching; assessment of body systems; implementation of the nursing process, including treatment modalities ordered by the physician; and rehabilitative care. Upon completion of the program, the graduate is eligible to take the NCLEX examination for licensure as a registered nurse.
Associate Degree Nursing Program Outcomes Program Measurements Used*  Results Comparison Data
Continuous Improvement
1. Demonstrate autonomy in collecting and analyzing physical, psychosocial, spiritual and cultural client data in a variety of health care settings.
2008 NCLEX Exam 

88% passage on first attempt

National average: 87%            Ohio average: 86%

Fall 2009 - Initiated use of Evolve testing in curriculum to assist with State Board preparation. 

2. Apply principles of culturally competent care throughout the implementation of the nursing process.
3. Prioritize nursing diagnoses in caring for clients.
4. Develop individualized plans of nursing care for clients of various developmental levels to promote, maintain or restore health and support during the dying process.
5. Implement individualized plans of care for clients using safe nursing practice.
6. Utilize current technology to assess and provide care.
7. Provide client education utilizing a teaching-learning model.
End of Program Evaluation Survey (Graduates December 2008)

98% rated skills at or above average 

LCCC Benchmark level of 90% 

No intervention needed at this time. 

8. Evaluate the achievement of client outcomes and revise the plan of care as needed.
9. Demonstrate concise and accurate verbal and written reports on the client’s status.
10. Establish a therapeutic and caring relationship with clients using appropriate communications skills.
11. Utilize biophysical, psychosocial and nursing sciences in providing client care.
12. Demonstrate professional nursing behaviors in the health care setting.
Graduate Survey
(May, 2008)

91% rated skills at or above average

LCCC Benchmark level of 90% 

No intervention needed at this time. 

13. Recognize the value of evidence based nursing practice.
14. Adhere to the professional, ethical and legal standards of nursing.
15. Justify the value of ongoing educational activities to maintain competency and currency.
16. Demonstrate proficiency in effective professional communication.
17. Plan and prioritize the delivery of nursing care to multiple clients in a variety of health care settings.
Employer Survey (2007)
100% rated skills at or above average
LCCC Benchmark level of 90%
No intervention needed at this time.
18. Collaborate with multidisciplinary health team members in the management of clients.
19. Incorporate cost effective and quality issues in the delivery of client care.
20. Implement educational programs for individuals and groups.
21. Manage nursing care for groups of clients through delegation and supervision of other nursing personnel.
22. Serve as a client/family advocate.
* Program measurements used to assess all program outcomes -- not targeted to a specific outcome.


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