Student Support Services

Student Support Services

To help ensure that the students can successfully complete their coursework and meet their desired educational goals, Lorain County Community College offers a wide variety of Student Support Services:

Academic Support Center:

  • Mission Statement: The Academic Support Center’s mission is to develop independent learners and support the academic potential of students and the community at large by providing services in tutoring and community initiatives in collaboration with Lorain County Community College faculty and the University Partnership.
  • The Academic Support Center provides comprehensive, supplementary, individualized instructional services that enable students to improve basic, intermediate and /or advanced skills, grasp particularly difficult concepts in specialized classes, accelerate independent learning, expand learning in new subject areas, and meet specific individualized needs related to learning and physical disabilities. Several services are offered to address these needs:
    • Academic Support Center offers tutoring services to students. Tutoring may take place in small study groups or workshops or one-to-one (private) tutoring. Walk-in tutoring is provided for certain subject areas. Students are entitled to up to two free hours of tutoring each week. Tutors may help students better understand lectures, review coursework, review concepts for tests, organize materials and notes, develop better study skills, reinforce coursework with software, or improve reading, writing and language skills. Resources are also available for specific courses with study guides, sample papers, worksheets, audio and videotapes and textbooks.

Children’s Learning Center:

  • Mission Statement: The LCCC Children's Learning Center is a comprehensive environment providing child care and enrichment programs for your children.
  • Since a majority of our students are single parents or parents with a working spouse, childcare issues often can interfere with class attendance and success. The Children’s Learning Center is a model early childhood program designed especially for children eighteen months to 12 years old which provides an optimal setting for learning and play. Enrollment is open to children of LCCC and University Partnership students, non-credit students, faculty and staff, as well as members of the community. Such a service can provide students with a solution to their childcare issues.

Computer Labs:

  • Numerous computer labs are available on campus for use by students every day of the week (Monday through Sunday). Appropriate discipline-specific software is also available on these computers to allow students to complete course assignments. Although not all labs are open at all times, at least one lab is open on campus from 8 am to 10 pm each weekday and from 10 am to 4 pm on the weekends.

Connections Center:

  • Mission Statement: The LCCC Connections Center assists prospective, new and returning students with college admission, advising and class registration. All Connections Center services, including academic advising, are available to students on a walk-in basis.
  • COMPASS and ASSET assessment testing allows students to be correctly placed into introductory classes to better ensure their success in college courses. Students who perform below certain levels on these assessment tests will be referred to the Academic Foundations Division where they can take classes to hone their skills prior to their entry into the college-level academic courses.
  • Academic advisors assist students with course selection and registration procedures, answer questions about curricula and academic requirements, and help interpret and evaluate the results of the COMPASS and ASSET placement tools. Academic counselors specialize in career and personal counseling to assist students with long-range career and curriculum planning.
  • Financial Aid services help link students to sources of money that can supplement a student's financial resources for educational purposes, including federal and state grants, scholarships, incentive awards, student loans, Federal Work Study employment, and other third-party providers such as employers and social service agencies. Students who are struggling to meet the financial expenses of their education are often less successful because they must work additional hours to pay for their education. Ensuring that students are aware of, apply for, and receive these funds can help the students to be more financially secure and successful.

Division of Academic Foundations:

  • College students sometimes need support in order to be successful in their chosen fields of study. The purpose of the Academic Foundations programs is to assist students with instructional support. The Division of Academic Foundations offers students a variety of options for remedial courses that can help the students develop the skills that will be needed to be successful in other academic classes at the college. Courses in mathematics, writing, and reading are the predominant offerings. Classes in English as a Second Language, Study/Note-taking Skills, and GED are also available.

Employment and Career Services:

  • Mission Statement: Employment and Career Services has developed a wide range of services to help you with career decisions and job searches. Our goal is to help you gain a professional advantage in today’s competitive job market.
  • Employment and Career Services offers a variety of workshops and activities that allow students to explore career opportunities, make informed career decisions, find job openings, and begin a job search. Some of the activities include resume writing, career counseling, career consultation, and mock interviews. Employment and Career Services also links students up with co-op and internship opportunities.

Learning Resource Center:

  • The Learning Resource Center offers an extensive library, as well as multiple student support services. On-line and in-person assistance with book and periodical acquisition (including Ohio-LINK and interlibrary loan), database research, reference citations, and copyright issues. In addition, the library has computers available for student use, as well as access to videotapes, anatomical models, and other class related materials on reserve. The Learning Resource Center also offers workshops for students to learn about plagiarism, proper citation formats, and basic technical skills needed to research information.

Lorain County Community College Foundation:

  • Mission Statement: The LCCC Foundation enhances our community’s quality of life by investing in key Lorain County Community College priorities that present the greatest impact and growth opportunities for the people of our community.
  • The LCCC Foundation provides grant funding for program enhancements that improve the experience of the students in the academic life of Lorain County Community College. In addition, the Foundation offers numerous scholarship opportunities to students both in the LCCC and the University Partnership programs.

 Manufacturing Skills Standard Council:

  • This industry-led training, assessment and certification system focused on the core skills and knowledge needed by the nation's production workers.  The MSSC System, based upon federally-endorsed national standards, offers both entry-level and incumbent workers the opportunity to demonstrate that they have mastered the skills increasingly needed in the high-growth, technical jobs of the 21st century.  The MSSC System awards the Certified Production Technician (CPT) credential to individuals who pass each of four production modules:  Safety; Quality Practices & Measurement; Manufacturing Processes & Production; and Maintenance Awareness.  

Disability Services:

  • Mission: Disability Needs Services enhances the accessibility of programs and facilities for a culturally diverse population of students with disabilities and those that serve them. Disability Services provides consultation and referrals, ensures secure documentation of needs, and facilitates reasonable accommodations. The Office partners with community organizations by participating in recruitment and outreach activities.
  • Disability Services provides students with access to handicapped parking, electronic door openers, and necessary classroom furniture to allow them to maneuver around and interact with the campus and classroom. In addition, the Office of Special Needs provides personal counseling and assessment of student needs and then, if appropriate, coordinates the appropriate student accommodations with the classroom instructor. If note-taking services, sign interpreters, or TDD equipment are needed, Disability Services makes the appropriate arrangements. Disability Services also provides workshops that assist students with test anxiety reduction, test-taking skills, etc. Finally, Disability Services serves as a student advocate to ensure that students receive all accommodations to which they are entitled.

SkillsMAX Center:

  • Mission Statement: The LCCC SkillsMAX Center provides IT certification testing and college credit testing for students and individuals. These services can assist them in documenting skills for personal marketability in the job search and/or expediting the path to earning a college degree.
  • The services provided by the SkillsMAX Center include VUE, Prometric, CLEP, and DSST testing. These certification tests can help students to better identify skills they already possess that could be used for immediate entry into a career opportunity, identify the skills that the student may need to hone to pursue certain career paths, and potentially, enable the student to receive course credit for job skills that s/he already can do because of previous employment training and job experience.

St. Joseph Community Center:

  • Mission Statement: LCCC's Learning Center at St. Joseph Community Center provides programs and services to Lorain residents in a convenient, accessible location.
  • The Connections Center, located in LCCC Learning Center, offers services in LCCC admissions, registration, academic advising and COMPASS testing. Courses in Continuing Education and credit courses are also offered at this “offsite” location assisting those students who have transportation issues that interfere with their success.

Student Orientation Course:

  • Mission Statement: The College 101 course is a college orientation course that is designed to promote students’ academic, social, personal, and career skills, leading to their holistic development and the encouragement of life-long learning.
  • The College 101 course introduces students to the college facilities and college services so that students are better able to find assistance, if needed, during their academic experience at LCCC. In addition, skills such as note-taking, learning styles, classroom etiquette, and use of various course related materials are also addressed.


  • Many of the courses offered at Lorain County Community College are included in the State of Ohio Transfer Assurance Guides (TAG) and the Transfer Module (TM), as well as being linked with appropriate Course Applicability System ( designations. This consistency with other institution’s courses helps to ensure students that LCCC courses are portable and can be transferred to other institutions, thus allowing students to efficiently and successfully complete four-year and advanced degrees.

Testing and Assessment Center:

  • The Testing Center allows students the flexibility of taking a test between certain dates during designated hours in a proctored setting. Students often use the Testing Center to make-up missed class exams or to take exams for Distance Learning (e.g. on-line or TV) courses. Students must make individual arrangements with their instructors in order to take exams at the Testing Center and must present appropriate identification. The Testing Center can also provide a place where instructors can send their Special Needs students to allow them to have additional time for testing, if they are so entitled.

University Partnership:

  • Mission Statement: The Lorain County University Partnership promotes and provides educational opportunities and services that foster student success beyond the associate degree. It collaborates with colleges and universities to offer baccalaureate and graduate certificates and degrees that are in demand by the community, complement LCCC's own offerings, and serve as catalysts for the region's economic development.
  • The University Partnership program helps provide students with access to baccalaureate & graduate degrees at the Lorain County Community College campus, allowing students to succeed in their dreams to earn advanced degrees without having to leave Lorain County. The University Partnership (UP) office provides students access to representatives from all UP programs, on-line access to the most relevant and current program information, and partner program/curriculum information so that students can plan their paths to the successful completion of their advanced degrees.

Women’s Link:

  • Mission Statement: Women's Link is committed to helping Lorain County Community College students and potential students to achieve their personal, career and educational goals. We do this with respect for individuals and belief in their potential to learn, grow and become self-sufficient. We also strive to offer relevant and enriching educational programs for the college and general community.
  • When students determine that they “need help, but don’t know where to turn,” Women’s Link can help get them to the right place. Women’s Link can connect students and potential students to community agencies that can assist with issues of domestic violence, financial resources, childcare, and employment assistance. Women’s Link also offers other services, including counseling, crisis intervention, legal services, housing service, and short term emergency loans for students receiving financial aid.


Campus Update

Performance Canceled

The Black River String Quartet performance for today Sunday, February 1, 2015 has been canceled.

Exterior Campus Lighting Project

Work will begin Monday morning on replacing the light fixtures on the west loop road (main road in front of the College. Workers will be installing  new fixtures from the north and south ends concurrently. The road will be partially blocked in order to do the work.
Please be very careful and slow down.

15 to Finish: Add a Late-Start Class Today

Take at least 15 credit hours per semester and you'll be closer to graduation and closer to your career. There’s still time to add a class to your schedule. Late-start courses begin Feb. 23 and March 23.
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MyTuition Guarantee

LCCC students now have the opportunity to participate in the MyTuition Guarantee. This new program holds tuition and fee rates for students registering in fall 2014 and spring 2015 for up to three years or until the completion of a degree, whichever comes first.
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Dean's List

Congratulations to the hardworking students who were named to the Dean’s List for fall 2014.  If you think you made the Dean’s List for fall semester, check your LCCC email account for an official confirmation from LCCC. See the full list of students named to the Dean’s List at

Earn College Credit For Work and Life Experience

Attend an information session for Prior Learning Assessment and find out about the methods used to help you earn college credit for what you have learned through work and life experiences.
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Financial Aid Filing Fairs

LCCC will offer free help for anyone filing a FAFSA form - regardless of the college they plan to attend - at a series of Financial Aid Filing Fairs held in February and March. Click here for details and to register online.

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Softball Team Tryouts

The LCCC Softball Team will host tryouts from noon to 1 p.m., February 21 and 22 in the Ewing Center Field House. Learn More.

MBA Program Begins in Fall 2015

Beginning in fall 2015, Youngstown State University’s Williamson College of Business Administration will offer a master’s of business administration degree through the University Partnership. Learn more.