Transcript Center

Lorain County Community College Transcript Center

Printable Forms
Transcript Request Form
Located in the Records office
College Center, Room CC 235
Phone:  (440) 366-4067
Fax:  (440) 366-4167

Office Hours
Monday and Thursday:  8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday:  8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

A transcript can only be issued by mail, electronic or faxed.  The transcript cannot be emailed.

Faxed Transcript
Transcripts requested electronically through MyCampus cannot be faxed.  If a faxed transcript is needed, please complete and submit the printable "transcript request form" (see the link above). 

Unofficial Transcript
To view an unofficial copy of your transcript, log into the MyCampus Student Center at  The next two paragraphs below can help you if you are having difficulty viewing or printing your Unofficial Transcript.

Once you choose the “Report Type,” which is the “Unofficial Transcript” that is found under the drop down box, you can click on “View Report” which is to the right of the drop down box.  On the top right hand side, you will see an icon blinking.  Once this is finished, your “Unofficial Transcript” should come up.  If it doesn’t come up, it will automatically go to the screen called “Previous Requests”.  If this happens, then your Pop-up blocker may be blocking the Lorain County Community College website from coming up.  You can see if the Pop-up blocker is on because at the top left hand side of the screen above the MyCampus @ Lorain County Community College will show the Pop-up blocked and you have to right-mouse click on this bar and select either “Temporarily” or “Always” allow LCCC to come up automatically.

Once you have selected “Temporarily” or “Always” allow LCCC to come up automatically, you will need to repeat the previous steps stated up above to view your unofficial transcript.  If you are still having difficulty, contact the Records Office at (440) 366-4067.

If you don’t want to view your unofficial transcript and you just want to see your grades you can go online to your “Student Center” and then under “Academics” go to the drop down box to “Other Academics”.  Choose “Grades”.  When you are in “Grades”, choose which term you want and then click Continue.  You will now be in the term you chose and the class and grade will be at the top of the page and the bottom of the page will be the Term and Cumulative GPA.  To view an unofficial copy of your transcript, log into the MyCampus Student Center at

Ordering an Official Transcript
Official transcripts of LCCC coursework can be sent to the colleges and universities of your choice.

To order an official copy of your transcript, click the link below and log in with your student number and password.

Note: If an institution requires any forms to be sent with your official transcript (some colleges and universities require this), please click here to download a printable Transcript Request Form. The printed Transcript Request Form must be mailed or faxed (440-366-4167) to the LCCC Records Office along with any other required forms.

Electronic Transcripts can be issued to all Ohio public colleges and universities.  The transcript will not be faxed if it is requested and sent electronically.  Electronic transcripts will not be emailed to students, companies or any other college or universities.

If you requested two transcripts to be sent electronically to a college or university, only one transcript will be sent.

Important information you should know before requesting your transcript.

Know your Student ID number!  You must create a MyCampus account to request a transcript or view an unofficial transcript.  Click here for instructions for creating your MyCampus login. If you forgot your password you will need to reset your password or if you are still having problems, please  contact the Help Desk to access your account.

Official transcripts are available at no charge for all students in good standing with LCCC.

The transcript turnaround time may vary.  Currently, the turnaround time for transcripts is 5 to 10 working days.

Before requesting a transcript, log into the MyCampus Student Center to make sure your information is accurate.

  1. Once you login with your student number and password you can check for any “Holds”, which are on the top right hand side of the page.  If you have a hold on your account we will not be able to issue your transcript until the hold has been removed.
  2. From the “Student Center”, scroll down to “Personal Information” to make sure your “Contact Information” is correct.  If not, you will need to complete a Change of Information form. Send the completed form to the Records Office in the College Center to speed processing of your transcript.
  3. If your name has changed since the last time you attended the college, we do not change your name for a transcript.  It is your responsibility to contact the college that you will be attending to let them know that the transcript from LCCC will be issued under your former name.
  4. If your home address is different and your residency (county) is still the same, then you can call the Records Office to have your address changed.  If you have moved to a different county or out of state, then you will have to complete the Change of Information form (number 2 above).  

If you request your transcript and the information in numbers 1 through 4 are not correct, your transcript may be issued with incorrect information.  It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the information is correct in the “Student Center” before requesting a transcript. 

To request a transcript be issued after a semester is completed or after a degree is issued, go into the “Select Option” and chose which semester the transcript is to be issued. 

If you chose the “Immediate Processing” and do not specify a particular term, the transcript may be issued without the term grades and/or without the degree posted.  This may require that you re-request the transcripts to be issued.

NOTE:  For Summer semester students only.  For a transcript issued after a 5A mini term is over when you also have a 5B mini term class,  two transcript requests must be submitted.  Otherwise, your transcript will be issued after the end of the full term.

To request that a transcript be issued to a college and also to your home, please complete two separate transcript requests.  Please do not put all information on one request form.  If all of the information is on one request form, the transcript request cannot be processed and an email will be sent to your LCCC web address.  You will then need to re-request your transcript.

To have a transcript issued to a college, please enter only college information (name, address, etc.) on the request form.  If you have an “attention to” or a specific office, please put this in the address section of the request.

If you put an address in the “Send To” section without putting anything under the “Edit Address” section your transcript may not be issued.  An email may be sent to your LCCC email account indicating that the transcript was not able to be sent.  You will then need to re-request your transcript. 

To request a non-credit transcript, please complete a printable transcript request.  Please make sure that you note on the request that you want a non-credit transcript.

To request that a transcript be issued to one of the University Partnership offices, please type the name of the college and an “attention to” name.  If you do not put an “attention to,” this will delay the issuing of your transcript until we are able to contact you for this information.  If we cannot contact you by phone, we will mail you a letter to the address on file and return the transcript request to you.


If you have any questions regarding this request or a previous transcript request please call the Records Office at 440-366-4067. 



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