Policies Which May Affect Your Certification

Policies which may affect your certification

In order to properly process your certification request, all previous college transcripts and/or military records must be evaluated for appropriate transfer credit prior to certification of benefits, even if the coursework does not apply to your current curriculum.

In most cases, you will receive one (1) to three (3) physical education credits for your DD-214 and, therefore, we cannot certify you for any additional physical education electives over the requirement of your chosen curriculum.

The Department of Veterans Affairs requires that your coursework must be credited towards the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees, approved Applied degrees (A.A.B and A.A.S) and one-year technical certificates. If you are unsure of your goal, you may consider declaring the Associate of Arts degree.

You must report any changes in your schedule and supply a copy of your new schedule to the LCCC Veterans’ Certifying Official. The Department of Veterans Affairs requires that your coursework is applicable to your chosen degree or certificate. Courses that are not applicable to your chosen degree or certificate cannot be certified. You will receive either a written notice or a  telephone call informing you that a course(s) cannot be certified. It is your responsibility to respond to the notice. Please allow enough time to process a Schedule Adjustment (Drop/Add), if necessary.

Change of degree or certificate program

A change of degree or certificate program is permitted but must be accompanied by a Change of program/Place of Training VA form 22-1995 or 22-5495 (available in Enrollment, Financial, and Career Services Division). If you are a VRAP student please meet with a Veteran’s Certifying Official for further information. The form is available online at www.gibill.va.gov. Simply key in VA Form 22-1995 in the search box and a online form will be available. If you are a dependent of a veteran receiving Chapter 35 benefits the change of program/place of training is VA Form 22-5495. You may forward the completed 22-1995 or 22-5495 as an attachment to veterans@lorainccc.edu. VA Forms are also available in our “Forms Library” in the Enrollment Service lobby. It is their decision to approve or disapprove the proposed change.

Class attendance

Failure to attend a class without processing an official withdrawal will result in the Veterans Administration readjusting your training time and monthly benefit.

The class instructor will report the commencement of student class attendance after the census date of the class session. In a distance education context, documenting that a student has logged into an online class is not sufficient, by itself, to demonstrate academic attendance by the student. The class instructor must demonstrate that a student participated in class or was otherwise engaged in an academically related activity, such as by contributing to an online discussion or initiating contact with a faculty member to ask a course-related question.

The class instructor determines what constitutes commencement
of attendance and will record the policy in the class syllabus.
If a student enrolls in a class and is reported as not attending by
the class instructor, the student will be automatically dropped from the
class. Although the class will not appear on the students official transcript,
the student may be responsible for all tuition and fees associated
with the class. VA will collect the debt owed from the student when a
punitive grade is reported resulting from a student’s lack of attendance.

Repeating Courses

Department of Veterans Affairs regulations prohibit repeating a
course in which a passing grade (a “D” grade or higher) was earned.
However, if a “C” grade or better is necessary to progress to the next
level (i.e. nursing clinicals), the repeated course can be certified.

Monthly Monetary Award

It is the responsibility of the Department of Veterans Affairs to determine your eligibility and monthly monetary award. This is not determined by the Lorain County Community College Veterans’ Certifying Official. Students who have tuition assistance through Ohio National Guard must take a letter of eligibility from their unit commander to the financial services office every  term. Any questions you may have regarding your eligibility or education benefits should be directed to the Department of Veterans Affairs. You may telephone them at (888) 442-4551 or (800) 827-1000.

Important: VA students are paid on a monthly basis based on current hours enrolled. Students need to be aware that taking courses in subterms (8-weeks, 5-weeks) may affect their full-time status. It is the student’s  responsibility to check this with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

You are responsible to report to the Department of Veterans Affairs the number of credits you are enrolled in at the end of each month. You can do this by phone at (877) 823-2378 or via the web at www.gibill.va.gov/education.

Student Policies and Standards of Progress

The Lorain County Community College catalog policies and regulations apply to all students, including veterans. Department of Veterans Affairs’ rules are additional rules which apply to veterans only. Please feel free to discuss your questions with your counselor or academic advisor.

In order to continue receiving your Department of Veterans Affairs benefits you must maintain grades as indicated in the Veterans’ Standards of Progress located on page 30. 



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