Welcome to the LCCC Fitness Center

Workout Machine Videos
  1. Leg Press
  2. Leg Flexion
  3. Leg Extension
  4. Upright Row
  5. Seated Horizontal Calf
  6. Seated Chest Press
  7. Lateral Pull-Down
  8. Abdominal Crunch
  9. Elbow Extension
  10. Trunk Extension
  11. Overhead Press
  12. Bicep Curl

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Lorain County Community College Fitness Center

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The LCCC Fitness Center is one of the most "active" places on campus. Located within the Physical Education building, the center is open six days a week. Individuals taking classes or just wishing to remain or become fit find it the place to be.

The Fitness Center serves as LCCC's classroom for Lifetime Fitness, which is a program that can be taken as a credit or non-credit course. It has sections and orientations for many age groups. It continues to be a popular class on campus.

Whatever the reason for participation, the Fitness Center offers many benefits for those seeking optimum health and wellness.

Any LCCC or University Partnership student enrolled in a credit course has access to the Fitness Center, Field House, and Track for recreation purposes (excluding the FitLinxx).  Completion of a waiver form and presentation of a valid LCCC ID is required.  Allow 2 business days after registration for processing of waiver forms and verification of enrollment.

Community Users
Community users (ages 13 and up) have access to the LCCC Fitness Center, Field House, and Track by enrolling in a non-credit membership (NPER 150). For more information about NPER 150, call the HPER Program office at 440 366-4028.  To register, visit Enrollment Services in LC 158 or call records at (440) 366-4067. 

Older adults (60+) have access to the Fitness center, Field House, and Track by enrolling in NFIT 150C or NFIT 151C.  Call the Center for Lifelong Learning at (440) 366-4148 for sections and prices. 

Alumni who have taken at least 30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours are eligible to receive a discounted membership to the Fitness Center, Field House, and Track.  To qualify, Alumni must register at www.lorainccc.edu/alumni.  The Alumni Association will send out an e-mail explaining how to obtain a LCCC Alumni ID (expect a week for processing time). This ID will be required for access.  Call records at (440) 366-4067 or visit Enrollment services in LC 158 to enroll in NPER 150 for Alumni.  

Registered Alumni who have taken at least 1 credit or non-credit course at LCCC are eligible for FREE Track usage.  Allow two business days for verification of Alumni status and processing of waiver form for first time users.  Call HPER Programs at (440) 366-4028 for more information.

All current LCCC and University Partnership employees (and their spouse and eligible dependents) have access to the facilities with a LCCC ID. Employees also have access during semester break/summer hours when accompanied by a “LCCC buddy” (spouse/dependent of LCCC employees), provided that the HPER office or Welcome Desk is open.  All users must have a current waiver on file.  Allow two business days for processing of waiver forms and ID numbers for first time users.  This information does not apply to student workers.

Free Fitness Center Orientations

The LCCC Fitness Center offers free orientations.  Orientations include the following:

o   A personalized tour of the facilities and equipment based on the fitness goals of each member

o   Demonstrations with specific equipment that members would like to utilize    

o   Explanation of what members have available for their use (i.e. lockers, towels, etc.)

Contact Taryn Taylor at ttaylor@lorainccc.edu to schedule an appointment with a certified personal trainer.   



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