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Ohio Board of Regents
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In order to publicly demonstrate its commitment to learning and achievement, Lorain County Community College has developed a plan to help ensure student success. The plan consists of four categories which outline programs and services already in place at LCCC. The sidebar links provide the full range of information for each of the four categories.

  1. Student Support Services
    These services create a college environment that encourages academic success and assists students with the learning process.
  2. Program Outcomes
    Academic programs at LCCC clearly state their expectations for learning, which are measured against stated goals for student achievement.
  3. General Education Outcomes
    Students completing all programs of study will demonstrate a general set of intellectual skills and methods.
  4. Faculty and Student Engagement
    Various aspects of college life at LCCC are designed to develop a commitment to learning for both faculty and students and a connection with the wider college community.

This Student Success Plan is presented in accordance with four criteria established by the Ohio Board of Regents:

  1. Define learning outcomes and assess student achievement of those outcomes in General Education.
  2. Define learning outcomes and assess student achievement of those outcomes in undergraduate majors.
  3. Set not just current standards but also higher expectations in undergraduate education: content, competencies, abilities and successful completion.
  4. Ensure the engagement of faculty and the entire instructional community in continuous improvement of student outcomes and student achievements.


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