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For more information on investing in LCCC scholarships, or establishing a new fund, please contact Debbie Richter at 440-366-4039 or e-mail drichter@lorainccc.ed.

More than 70% of our students require some form of financial assistance to enable their pursuit of higher education.  LCCC awards scholarships to over 500 students each year, providing access to education.  How You Can Help…

The LCCC Foundation manages and awards two types of scholarship funds:

For an annual scholarship, a donor makes a gift (usually at least $500.00) with the intent that the entire gift will be awarded to one or more students during the same academic year as when the gift was made or within an established timeframe, usually not more than two years.

When you make an investment to establish an endowed scholarship you ensure scholarship support for students in perpetuity.  Typically, endowment funds start with a commitment of $10,000.  Many times, donors, if unable to make an initial contribution at this level, will elect to build up the endowment fund over a period of time – usually two to three years.  An endowment fund ensures that an award will be made to a student(s) each and every year in the name of that fund.

The following are examples of the pay-out for endowed funds:

Fund Level

4.5% Annual Payout 

Number of Credit Hours Covered by the Scholarship at $110.65 per credit hour (Assumes one student is receiving the scholarship; is a Lorain County resident and amount includes general and technology fees.) 



Covers one three-credit hour course plus some support for books and supplies



Covers two three-credit hour courses and support for books and supplies 



Covers tuition for one full-time student for almost two semesters  

Establishing an endowed scholarship fund is a tremendous way to demonstrate your belief in LCCC's power to enhance the community by developing a stronger workforce.  Investing in scholarships creates educational access which is essential to the strength and growth of our region.   

You will see by the list below, that endowed funds may also support college programming.  The following is a select list of a few of LCCC Foundation Scholarships and Endowments and their guidelines:

Alumni Endowment
This endowment provides alumni an opportunity to help support the most important needs of Lorain County Community College and the University Partnership.  The fund provides yearly awards for scholarships, program enhancements, technology and other key institutional priorities. 

Diversity Incentive Awards
Based on academic achievement in high school, Diversity Incentive Awards help residents of African-American, Hispanic, Native American and other underrepresented groups develop their capacities to the fullest possible extent by adding “last dollar” awards which fill in after all “need-based” grants and aid have been used.

Faculty Excellence Endowment
This endowment provides a distinguished award to two outstanding faculty members each year.  Contributing to this fund is a great way to demonstrate your belief in LCCC's dedicated faculty.

General Scholarships and Awards
General scholarships help support students at Lorain County Community College and students enrolled in LCCC's University Partnership.  General scholarships may be used to help with tuition, fees, books and other materials to enable a student's enrollment and ultimate success in their pursuit of higher education.

General Support to Lorain County Community College Foundation
General support to the LCCC Foundation supports areas of greatest need to help advance the mission and vision of Lorain County Community College.  Funding may support such initiatives as equipment, program support, and classroom enhancements.

LCCC Levy Endowment
The LCCC Levy Endowment helps build support for future levy campaigns for the purpose of generating operating and support for Lorain County Community College.

LCCC Presidential Scholarships
Presidential Scholarships cover two-thirds of tuition and fees for the first two years, and are awarded to high school graduates who have earned a grade-point average of 3.4 or higher.

LCCC Trustee Scholarships
Trustee Scholarships provide full tuition and fees for the first two years.  These scholarships are awarded to high school graduates who earn a grade-point average of 3.7 or higher

Non-Traditional Student Incentive Awards
Non-Traditional Student Incentive Awards are last-dollar awards granted to adults who are seeking to develop skills to enter or re-enter the job market.  Many are unemployed or employed part-time, but do not qualify for employer-sponsored tuition reimbursement.  Many are women, single parents, and minorities.

Stocker Center Endowment
The Stocker Center Endowment provides support to the C. Paul Stocker Fine Arts and Humanities Center for annual cultural arts programming needs.  The Stocker Center has provided local access to performances, concerts, and gallery exhibitions for over one million patrons over the past 25 years.

University Partnership Awards
University Partnership Awards are granted to students who are pursuing bachelors or masters degrees from four-year colleges and universities through LCCC's University Partnership Program.

For more information on investing in LCCC scholarships, or establishing a new fund, please contact Debbie Richter at 440-366-4039 or e-mail




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