Our Promise

Our Promise

Lorain County Community College is committed to the success of our students, both while they are working on their degrees and when they look to become employed members of our society. To that end LCCC is establishing the “Our Promise” initiative to ensure that students can reduce the time and cost required to complete a degree while guaranteeing their quality to the employers in our county.

Why are we establishing "Our Promise"?

Because it’s important to your future. Statistics show that unemployment rates for college graduates are 30 percent lower than those with only a high school diploma; and the Gates Foundation reports that transfer students with an associate degree are 30 percent more likely to finish a bachelor’s degree.

When you complete your degree your earnings go up too.  Those with a college degree typically earn one third more than those with only a high school diploma (National Center for Education Statistics).

It’s also important to keep the momentum going. You cannot assume that resources to finish college will be available later in life.  Many people regret dropping out of college, but may not have the financing or opportunity to return. A degree earned now pays dividends throughout your career.

MyTuition Guarantee and Completion Pledge

New and existing part-time students who elect to enroll full-time and all students who enroll full-time in fall semester 2014 and spring semester 2015 will be guaranteed a price-lock on their tuition and general fees during the time of their participation in the program.

Students will be required to sign a completion pledge that says they will: maintain continuous enrollment in fall and spring semesters for three years or until degree completion, whichever comes first; and commit to creating an academic plan with an LCCC success coach by the end of their second semester.

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The MyTuition Guarantee is a part of LCCC's "Our Promise" initiative.  The goal of "Our Promise" is to ensure students that the College will do all it can to deliver on its mission and vision in service to this community.  An important element of that mission and vision is to reduce the time and cost required to complete a degree while guaranteeing their quality to the employers in our county.  Other components of the "Our Promise" initiative will be announced at later dates.


MyUniversityMyUniversity is a guarantee that embeds the ability for students to earn college credit and college degrees right at area high schools. This will significantly increase the number of high school students in Lorain County and the surrounding area who can successfully earn free college credit while still in and at their high school.  MyUniversity will enable high school students to even go as far as earning an associate degree simultaneously with their high school diploma.  Students can then continue on to earn a bachelor’s degree by as early as age 20 in high demand careers through LCCC’s University Partnership program.  In doing so, students can save over 80 percent of the cost of a bachelor’s degree through MyUniversity, essentially saving families tens of thousands of dollars in college debt.

Click here to learn more about MyUniversity.     

MyEmployer Guarantee

This phase guarantees to employers that any LCCC student who completes an applied degree program will have the skills necessary to successfully perform a job during the three years immediately following the awarding of the degree. If a graduate who is employed is found to have skill gaps related to the competencies of focus for that applied degree, they will be provided up to 15 credit hours of coursework tuition-free to remediate the deficiency.

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Northeast Ohio’s four community colleges – LCCC, Cuyahoga Community College, Lakeland Community College and Stark State College – offer a smart path forward for students, employers and our region. Learn more.

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Students can save up to 80 percent on the cost of a traditional college degree. Click here to learn more.