Our Promise - MyTuition Guarantee

MyTuition Guarantee and Completion Pledge

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Lorain County Community College is committed to student success, both while you are working on your degree and when you seek to become employed members of our society.

To that end, LCCC has established the “Our Promise” initiative to help students like you reduce the time and cost required to complete a degree, while guaranteeing the quality of your education and training to the employers in our county.

MyTuition Guarantee and Completion Pledge: New and existing part-time students who elect to enroll full-time and all students who begin full-time enrollment in fall semester 2014, spring semester 2015, or fall semester 2015 will be guaranteed a price-lock on tuition and general fees during the time of their participation in the program.  

Tuition and fees are based on rates in effect for the semester in which the student first enrolls full-time and completes the Completion Pledge.

Click here for tuition rates. 

Students interested in the MyTuition Guarantee are required to sign the Completion Pledge and make a commitment to:

  • maintain continuous full-time enrollment in fall and spring semesters for three years or until degree completion, whichever comes first; and 
  • commit to creating an academic plan with an LCCC Career and academic advisor or academic counselor by the end of their second semester.

Please complete the form below to participate in the MyTuition Guarantee and Completion Pledge.


MyTuition Guarantee Completion Pledge
Please check the box below that best describes you:
Please check the box below that best describes your enrollment status:

Please agree to each statement below to complete the MyTuition Guarantee and Completion Pledge:
I commit to maintain continuous full-time enrollment in fall and spring semesters for three years or until my degree completion, whichever comes first.
I commit to successfully completing my full-time course load each term and making satisfactory progress towards my degree completion.
I commit to creating an academic plan with an LCCC success coach, counselor or advisor by the end of my second semester.
I commit to learning about and using college support networks, including tutoring and resources aiding my success.

I understand that My Tuition Guarantee and Completion Pledge ‘price lock’ is based upon the current term tuition and general fees rate of my residence. (Click on the link listed above for current tuition rates.)

By checking the Submit button below, I am in agreement with the My Tuition Guarantee and Completion Pledge plan and submit my promise to meet the requirements of the guarantee.
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