Surgical Technology Certificate Program

Accelerated Alternative Delivery Certificate Program

Application Information

Be sure that your documentation of your scrubbed surgical procedures and work history is signed by your Director of Surgical Services.

Once your application is received and complete, an admission exam will be arranged with you and your exam proctor. This exam process is required before you begin taking classes. You must secure someone at your hospital, preferably someone in your education department, to proctor your admission exam. Be sure to send the “Test Proctor Agreement” in with your admission materials.

It is suggested that you begin this process as soon as possible. As documents arrive, they will be collected in your application file. Incomplete student-application files will not be considered, nor will be students be notified of incomplete files. Applications are received on an open basis; there is no application deadline. Once the application process is complete, the student may begin classes at the next semester or summer session.

Students are required to take the courses which are listed on the Curriculum Sheet, regardless of past education and experience. We may waive the SDEV 101 requirements in most cases, and give credit for ENGL 161 in most cases, but these are decided on an individual basis.

This course of study is for anyone employed as a surgical technologist, who did not graduate from an accredited surgical technology program but desires becoming eligible to take the national certification exam leading to the title “Certified Surgical Technologist” (CST).

Any person working as a surgical technologist for at least two full time years or four years part-time within the last 5 years and fits one of the descriptions below:

  • Graduates of non-accredited surgical technology programs and are unable to take the national exam because of the program’s unaccredited status


  • On the job trained surgical technologists who, because they did not graduate from a formal surgical tech program, are unable to take the national certification exam


  • LPNs working as surgical technologists who are unable to take the national certification exam, because they did not graduate from an accredited surgical technology program

Special eligibility circumstances:

  • Military trained surgical technologists are now eligible to take the national certification exam without further education. Go to for more information.

  • Dental assistants are generally not eligible for this program, because they are not trained in all surgical specialties

  • OB techs are generally not eligible for this program because they did not train in other specialties

Admission Requirements:

  • Successful passing (75%) on a Surgical Technology Admission Exam. Two attempts will be allowed.

  • A Portfolio containing:

    • Documentation of successful clinical case requirement within the last five years.

      • The total minimum number of cases each student should complete is 120

      • Students are required to first scrub a minimum of thirty (30) cases in General Surgery, from the basic to the complex.

      • Students are required to complete a minimum of ninety (90) cases in various surgical specialties from basic to complex in each of at least four (such as vascular, ENT, plastics, orthopedics, gynecology, urology) other than General specialties.

      • Diagnostic endoscopy cases and vaginal delivery cases are not mandatory. Up to ten (10) diagnostic endoscopic cases with a surgical procedure included, such as Cystoscopy with Bladder Biopsy or Stent Placement, Laryngoscopy with Vocal Cord Stripping, and Colonoscopy with Polypectomy. Up to five (5) vaginal delivery cases may be counted toward gynecology cases.


    • For those who attended a non-accredited school of surgical technology: A copy of the diploma and official transcript from the school. The transcript must be sent directly from the school to the Assistant Program Coordinator. Transcripts are not accepted from prospective students.


    • For those on-the-job trained: Verification, through a letter on letterhead from the Director of Surgical Services that on-the-job training occurred.


    • For licensed practical nurses: Proof of graduation from an accredited LPN program and current LPN license


    • Professional references from one surgical clinical administrator such as unit manager, charge nurse, surgical specialty manager, or surgeon.


    • One professional reference from your Director of Surgical Services.


Lorain County Community College Surgical Technology Program is accredited by the Accreditation Review Committee on Accreditation for the Surgical Technologist (ARC-ST) by the Council on Accreditation for Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). By fulfilling all of the requirements and successful completion of courses on the attached Curriculum Guide, the student will be granted a Certificate of Completion from the Lorain County Community College Surgical Technology Program and is eligible to take the National Certification Exam, which upon passing, designates a Certified Surgical Technologist (CST).

Courses are the usual per credit hour rates for Lorain County Community College tuition. Please get this information from the web site. Note there are different rates for students residing in Lorain County, out of Lorain County and out of state. Also note that students taking between 13 and 18 credit hours pay the 13 credit hour rate.

Testing Out of Courses:
Testing out of courses is not allowed. Students are required to take all of the courses listed on the curriculum guide, regardless of educational background. College 101 may be waived. The English writing course may be accepted from another college or university.

Application Process:
If you have decided to apply to this program:

  1. Send the following to the Assistant Program Coordinator.
    Click here to download and print the application.

  2. When #1 is complete, send the Assistant Program Coordinator an e-mail, indicating all has been sent.

  3. You will hear back from the Assistant Program Coordinator, via e-mail, the status of your admission application.

  4. When you have been accepted to the program by the Program Coordinator:

    • From the website, apply to the college. This is necessary to obtain a student number. If you have attended Lorain County Community College in the past, this step is unnecessary.

    • From the website have all college transcripts sent directly to the College.

Contacts: Please contact the correct office below:

  • For information regarding Lorain County Community College, college admission, transcript information, fees, tuition, etc. contact the Connections Center at the College.

  • Access our Web Site: for college application information, to access a course catalog and class schedule, tuition, fees, etc.

  • For non program college admissions, registration, advising and counseling: Julie Minarczik

  • For Surgical Technology Program Specific Information only:

Gabrielle Davis, CST
Program Coordinator, AAD Program 
(440) 365-5222, ext. 8747 or (800) 995-5222, ext. 8747  

Patricia Sedlak, CST, RN, MEd., CNOR, RNFA
Surgical Technology Program Director



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