Early Childhood Education - AAS

Early Childhood Education

Associate of Applied Science
Curriculum Code - 5159

An Early Childhood Education graduate could expect to find career opportunities in the following environments: Pre-Kindergarten Program, Head Start, Parent Cooperative, Public or Private Nursery School, Exceptional Child Programs, In-Home Child Care Aide, and Service Agencies/Referral Program. Lorain County Community College has articulation agreements with colleges and universities including programs offered by Lorain County Community College's University Partnership.

Fall Semester

ECED 111

Introduction to Early Childhood Education


ECED 164

Child Guidance and Classroom Management *


ECED 171

Health, Safety and Nutrition*


ENGL 161

College Composition I


PSYH 151

Introduction to Psychology


SDEV 101

College 101 ^


Spring Semester

ECED 162

Emerging Literacy & Language Development  >


ECED 253

Introduction to Child Development >


EDCT 181

Introduction to The Education Profession >


EDCT 264

Education Technology


ENGL 162

College Composition II >


MTHM 161

Mathematics for Elementary Teachers


Fall Semester

ECED 256

Cognitive Development >


ECED 273

Family, Schools and Communities


ECED 283

Student Teaching Seminar I >                    


EDCT 254

Individuals with Exceptionalities


Arts and Humanities Elective ***


Spring Semester

ECED 255

Creative Development for the Young Child


ECED 272

Infant and Toddler Development>


ECED 284

Student Teaching Seminar II > 


EDCT 252

Principles of Teaching and Learning>


 Total Credit Hours: 61

1. > Indicates that this course has a prerequisite.
2. * Indicates that this course has a prerequisite or may be taken concurrently.
3. *** Arts and Humanities: Choose from any Arts and Humanities course from the State Transfer Module.
4. Before taking EDCT 111 or any course requiring EDCT 111 as a prerequisite, a high school diploma or GED is required.
5. Compass, current physical and background check required.
6. A grade of "B" or better is required in ECED Student Teaching Seminar I and II.
7. Requirement for ODOE Pre-Kindergarten Associate Certificate includes completion of all required ECED, EDCT and ENGL courses with at least a "C" in each course and an overall GPA of 2.5 in these courses.
8. Upon the completion of all LCCC AAS Degree requirements for graduation and the satisfactory completion of all ECED Pre-K Associate Certificate Program requirements, the Division of SS/HS Coordinator of ECED may recommend to the ODOE, Division of Teacher Education & Certification for the Pre-Kindergarten Associate Certificate.
9. ^ A student must register for the orientation course when enrolling for more than six credit hours per semester or any course that would result in an accumulation of 13 or more credit hours.

Established September 1990
Revised September 2014
Effective August 2015


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