Sustainable Agriculture Short Term Technical Certificate

Sustainable Agriculture

Short Term Technical Certificate - Curriculum Code 7190

The Short-Term Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture will allow LCCC students to explore careers in agriculture and food systems. Students will learn key sustainability and land stewardship skills as they study the interactions between food, human health and ecosystem services. Students will contribute to the production, distribution, and marketing of locally grown produce through hands-on experiences with local farmers and growers. Some courses require travel time to off-campus sites. This program is offered in collaboration with The Ohio State University Agriculture Technical Institute (OSU/ATI) in Wooster, OH, and the George Jones Farm in Oberlin, OH, a program of the New Agrarian Center (NAC). Lorain County Community College has articulation agreements with colleges and universities including programs offered by Lorain County Community College's University Partnership.

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Fall Semester 
SAGR 114 Principles of Sustainable Agriculture


SAGR 101 Fall Crop Production


SAGR 106 Soil Management and Conservation


SAGR 115G Food Systems, Society and Global Health






Spring Semester

SAGR 102 Spring Crop Production


SAGR 113 Plant Propagation


SAGR 109 Wild Edibles


SAGR 112 Business Principles of Sustainable Agriculture


SAGR * Elective(s)


Summer Semester

SAGR 103 Summer Crop Production


SAGR Elective


Total Credit Hours:


1. * Students must complete a total of 5 credits of SAGR electives in any combination of fall or spring offerings from the table below to reach 29 total credits.  Electives must be chosen from the list below:


Fall Electives

SAGR 105, Introduction to Interior Landscaping (3 credit hours)

SAGR 107G, World Views to Support Sustainable Agriculture (1 credit hour)


Spring Electives

SAGR 110, ^Permaculture: Principles and Applications (4 credit hours)

SAGR 111, ^ Permaculture Design for Community (2 credit hours)


Summer Elective
SAGR 108, Introduction to Sustainable Animal Farming (4 credit hours)



2. ^ The Permaculture Design Professional Certification includes two courses:  SAGR 110 Permaculture: principles and applications, and SAGR 111, Permaculture Design for Community.  This additional professional certification option is 6-credit hours total and is an elective within the sustainable Agriculture curriculum. 


Established    January 2011
Revised         November 2014
Effective        May 2015

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