Surgical Technology

Surgical Technology

Associate of Applied Science - Curriculum Code 2407

The Surgical Technology program prepares its graduates with a thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of surgical procedures and functions in the operating room. Upon completion of the program, graduates are qualified to serve on a surgical team in any hospital operating room and are also eligible to take the Certification Examination of the Association of Surgical Technologists. Lorain County Community College has articulation agreements with colleges and universities including programs offered by Lorain County Community College's University Partnership.

Fall Semester (First Year)
ALHN 112 Introduction to Medical Terminology ** 1
ALHN 113 Introduction to Patient Care **/**** 


BIOG 121 Anatomy and Physiology I ** 4
SDEV 101 College 101 ^ 1
SRGT 123 Introduction to Surgical Technology I >** 9
Spring Semester (First Year)
ALHN 121 General Pathology > 2
BIOG 122 Anatomy and Physiology II >** 4
SRGT 114 Surgical Technology II - Surgical Procedures >** 8
Summer Semester (First Year)
BIOG 251 General Microbiology >** 4
ENGL 161 College Composition I 3
Fall Semester (Second Year)
ENGL 162 College Composition II >  3
PHLY 165  Bioethics  3
SRGT 136 Anesthesia and Anesthetics **  2
SRGT 215 Surgical Technology III - Surgical Procedures >** 8
Spring Semester (Second Year)
PSYH 151 Introduction to Psychology OR 


SOCY 151  Introduction to Sociology OR


SRGT 221 Health Care in Developing Nations 4
SRGT 138  Surgical Pharmacology >**  2
SRGT 226 Surgical Technology IV >** 11
Total Credit Hours: 69/70

1. American Heart Association Healthcare Provider certification is required upon entrance into the program.
2. > Indicates that this course has a prerequisite.
3. ** Indicates that a grade of "C" (2.0) or better must be earned in order to continue in the sequence.
4. **** Students who have STNA status are not required to take ALHN 113.
5. ^ A student must register for the orientation course when enrolling for more than six credit hours per semester or any course that would result in an accumulation of 13 or more credit hours.

Established    May 1986
Revised         March 2013

Effective       August 2013



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