College Credit Plus Team Members

College Credit Plus Advisors and Staff

The College Credit Plus (CCP) Team assists high school students who are concurrently enrolling at LCCC. The team members work in cooperation with the students' high school guidance counselors to ensure that students are selecting the proper courses at LCCC. The team also arranges for assessing new students to make sure that students are ready for college-level coursework. LCCC advisors and staff work in conjunction with the Associate Registrar on areas of mutual concern. CCP students are encouraged to meet with a member of this team.

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Recommendation and Preliminary
Course Selection

High School Official

High School Units, Scheduling Courses at LCCC, Transfer Information, Personal and Career Counseling

Lindsey Maurer, Counselor

Placement Assessment, Books and Supplies, Registration Procedures

Teresa Cassidy, Advisor

Admission Status

Sun Jamerson, Associate Registrar
440-366-7569, LC 164

Prospective College Credit Plus Enrollment, College Tech Prep and Credit-in-Escrow Students, Summer Rapid Registration Kits

Cindy Kushner, Director of Marketing and Outreach Initiatives
440-366-7610, CC 229D

High School Liaison, Prospective Student Enrollment, High School Site Registration, College Awareness Programs, LCCC Campus Visitations, CCP Student Orientations

Andrea Horning, College and Career Advisor
440-366-4770, CC 220C

Nadia Leary, Marketing/Recruitment Specialist
440-366-4722, CC 229E

Gina Maldonado, College and Career Advisor
440-366-4153, CC

Nicole Starkey, College and Career Advisor
440-366-7078, CC 229

Karen Tomcko, College and Career Advisor
440-366-4823, UPRC

Ross Whitson, College and Career Advisor
440-366-7081, CC 229


Application Processing

Emma Hale
440-366-7698, LC 157J

High School Site Registration Support and COMPASS Test

Robin Menz
440-366-4749, CC 229


Rebecca Abraham

Fred Bell

Carrie Delaney

Julie Ford

Thalia Fountain

Allison Groesch

Cynthia Hudson

Sarah Hudson

Tom Ilcisko

Wendy Matthews

Stacey Mitchell

Nancy Mowrey

Suk Ng

Janet Nowak

Ken Oblak

Krista O’Neill

Dennis Walters

Lori Waschak



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