It Pays to Register Early for Fall 2013

Register Early and Win!

LCCC is partnering with Starbucks to add a little buzz to Fall semester:

  • 300 Lucky Students will win $20 Starbucks Gift Cards
    100 students will be randomly drawn to win $20 Starbucks cards on the next 3 Fridays: Friday, July 26; Friday, August 2; and Friday, August 9 - For a total of 300 winners!
  • One student will win a new iPad 
    One iPad will be given away with a random drawing on Friday, August 9.

All students registered for fall semester are eligible for each drawing – the earlier you register, the more chances to win Starbucks cards (but a student may only win one Starbucks card).

Winning students will be notified via their student email account and a list of the winners will be posted on the web.  Click here for Student Email instructions.



Gift Card Winners


July 26, 2013 Drawing
A - F G - P R - Z

Lorraine Abeysinghe
Luzmaria Acevedo
Shelby Adams
Samantha Allegier
Jashuha Ayers
Matthew Baker
Kristin Bart
Emily Bethke
Dora Boldizsar
Brittany Bowyer
Kimberly Breeds
Nakita Brock
Kaelyn Brown
Saundra Burton
Erin Cannon
Erika Capretta
Laura Carroll
Sarah Cash
Moriah Coats
Analia Colon
Logan Corrington
Chelsea Cottom
Melissa Crim
Kathryn Crum
Veronica Davis
Jacob Decker
Sarah Deno
Kyle Dobbins
Jasmine Duyar
Veronica Emping
Kristen Evans
Jessica Ferenc
Eliz Fulop
Michael Fusco

Sophia Gardner
Cynthia Goman
Tyler Grant
Caitlyn Groom
William Hardway
Kelsey Harsar
Michelle Hendrix
Caitlyn Hennessee
Amanda Henry
De'Carla Hill
Theresa Holliday
Kirstina Hosmer
Monica Hustic
Denice James
Davionne Jones
Michelle Jones
Alta Karl
Koren Kraemer
Elyse Kurianowicz
David Lucarelli
Susan Lukachko
Angela Manzo
Nicole McKenna
Callahan Miller
Alyson Norton
Alexandra Opel
William Payne
Steven Paytosh
Carol Phillips
Haley Phillips
Richard Pineiro
William Reimann
Jennifer Richter
Jennifer Rivera
Tyree Robinson
Alexandra Roby
Kelley Romes
Keigan Russell
Veronica Santiago
Danielle Santos
Holly Sapienza
Shelley Saunders
Robyn Saxton
Ashley Schaefer
Taylor Scheel
Sanjana Sharma
Kevin Shaw
Christina Shores
Matthew Sokolow
Christopher Spellacy
Kent Springborn
Christina Stitzer
Jessica Vankuren
Alec Warren
Patricia Watkins
Nicholas Wehler
Robert Weinert
April Wendt
Anthony Wesolowski
Terrance Whittaker
Ashley Wine
Ashley Woodcock
Katie Woods
Liao Xiong
Peggy Youngen
Matthew Zimmerman
August 2, 2013 Drawing
Elaine Adams
Haley Anderson
Jacob Asmus
Haley Baker
James Barco
Valentina Bednarski
Stephanie Black
Allison Board
David Carter
Travis Carter
Sunny Case
Leanne Ceepo
Judith Chicotel
Staci Cloen
Karina Cloesmeyer
Wendy Coker
Brandon Cook
Tyla Corlew
Stefanie Corriveau
Malissa Curtan
Jeff Dean
Faith Dempsey
Vanessa Diaz
Dylan Dolosich
Jocelyn Flecha
Ann Marie Frankfather
Tarnisha Freeman
Carrie Frisky
Mark Hannan
Brittany Herbert
Stephanie Herndon
Shayne Hill
Destiny Holloway
Phray Hubbard
Elvin Hughes
Vincent Hurst
Danielle Hynek
Amy Janosik
Amanda Johnson
Ebony Johnson
Lucy Jones
Robin Jungeberg
Jamarius Kearse
Derek Knuth
Matthew Kozlowski
Ronald Kruzyk
Danielle Kudela
Amanda Laplante
Austin Lauer
Maya Leachman
Brandy Lenz
Barbara Mathisen
Pamela Mattox
Michael McConahay
Kody McGee
James McKee
Rachael Mears
Susan Mikolic
Haley Moc
Anthony Morano
Luz-Celeste Moyet
Janeliz Negron
Tuan Ngo
Caomhan O'Connor
Karly Ormston
Anabel Ortiz
David Ortiz
Kristeen Osler
Amber Ozanich
Jillian Pacholke
Vilena Parrish
Matthew Paul
Anne Pence
Nathanael Penman
Tonya Phillips
Sonia Richardson
Elizabeth Rife
Kristi Ropchock
Adam Sasala
Kayla Shidaker
Delaina Simpson
Marilyn Slater
Bridget Smith
Kazmiro Soto
Marguerite Stover
Danielle Swiger
Le'Asia Taylor
Angela Teter
Debra Tillman
Mandist Vladic
Gazell Walther
Loretta Ward
Bridget Wilder
Brett Willbond
Kaitlyn Williams
David Williams


How to Collect Your Prize

Winning students will be notified via their LCCC student email account with instructions for how to pick up prizes. Click here for Student Email instructions.


Nursing Accreditation Visit

LCCC will host a site review for continuing accreditation of its Licensed Practical nursing program by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN). You are invited to meet the site visit team and share your comments about the program in person at a meeting scheduled at 2 p.m. on September 28, 2016 at Lorain County Community College, in HS 139.

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