Repeat Course Request Form - Arts and Humanities

Repeat Course Request Form

Arts and Humanities    

Use this form if the course you wish to retake contains ARTS, CHNS, CMMC, CULN, DANC, ENGL, ESLG, GRMN, HUMS, JRNM, MUSA, MUSC, PHLY, RDST, RELG, RSCH, SPNH, TCMN, or THTR in the course abbreviation.

Please answer the questions below.


Repeat Course Request Form - Arts and Humanities
Previous Attempts
Please list the semester/year and the grade for all previous attempts:
Think about why you have not been successful in this course in previous attempts. You can use the following checklist to help you. Please check all that apply.

What do you feel had the most impact on your previous performance in this class?
What do you think you can do differently? What do you feel you want help with? What do you need to put in place for yourself in order to be successful in this course?
Complete this sentence: “If permitted to repeat this course, I will:
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Failure to complete ALL FIELDS may cause a delay in processing this form.

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