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Placing an Online Order

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How do I place an online order for books?  
If you are a first time user, you must create a user ID.  To create your user ID:

  • At checkout, you will be asked to log in.
  • If you have not already created a Bookstore login, click on the "Register Here" link, which is located at the bottom of the Log In information page)
  • Complete the required information to establish your Bookstore login.

Note: Your Bookstore login is not associated with your MyCampus or ANGEL logins. To establish your Bookstore login, you may use any e-mail address as your user name, and you will create a password.

  • If you have already created a Bookstore login but forgot your password, click the link labeled "Lost your password?" on the login page.

I paid for my books with financial aid and my order was canceled, why?
If there is an issue with your financial aid during the processing of your order, it will be canceled.  Please feel free to email at bookstore@lorainccc.edu or call the web store at (440)-366-4767 with any issues.

I am a financial aid student, and the system is asking me for an account number.  What number do I use? 
Anytime the system asks for an account number, enter your LCCC student number.  This is the number we will use to process your order.

How do I check the status of an order?
To check the status of your order, you must log in to your account.  After, click on your order number.

  • “Picking” means that your order is still being picked by a bookstore staff member. Keep in mind that the items are picked from the shelves based on available stock. If an item is not available, we will typically send you an e-mail to let you know what is happening. We try to use your preference first, but if you preferred used and all that’s in stock is new, we will select a new book. This is why it’s important to order early. The chances of getting a used book are better.
  • “Packed” means that your order is complete and ready for pick up. Keep in mind that nothing is charged to your account until it is packed.

How do I cancel an order (or an item)? 
Please e-mail bookstore@lorainccc.edu or call (440)366-4767 to make changes to your order.

When will my order be complete?
It generally takes 3-5 business days to complete an order.  Backorder items will be filled as they arrive. 

How will I know my order is complete? 
You will receive an e-mail that lets you know that your order is complete.  You will be notified by e-mail when any back-ordered book arrives in the store.  Also, you are charged ONLY when your order is filled.           

I want to pick up my order in the store.  Where do I go and do I need to bring anything?
All orders will be able to be picked up at the Customer Service Desk in the Bookstore.  Make sure that you have a student ID or driver’s license.  If you have your Order Pickup Confirmation e-mail, that will help, but it is not necessary to bring it.

I would like my brother to pick up my books, what do I need to do?
If you have any special instructions ("my child/friend/spouse is picking up my book," or delivery instructions) please put into the "Message to Send with Order" section of your order.

Not finding what you are looking for?  Call us at (440)366-4055.



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