Carole Goff


Carole Goff, (44), of Chippewa Lake, in the midst of treatment for breast cancer realized she always wanted to be a nurse. 

“I quit my senior year in high school and got married at 18. I thought about going to school multiple times in my life,” stated Goff.  Life happens.  Sometimes dreams and goals get put on hold for a period of time.  However, Carole re-prioritized her goals to maximize her potential. This year, Carole Goff will be one of the many graduates from LCCC earning her associate degree in nursing.

“I just wanted to do it,” Goff said, “to prove something to myself and be the nurse I always thought I could be.”

Goff said she’d be lying if she said it was easy.  It wasn’t.  It was a struggle for her, but with her study guide, Goff completed and passed the GED in 2007.  Her next step included entering LCCC. Like lots of adult learners in the area, Carole Goff chose LCCC and for good reason. 

“I’m older than the high-school-aged kids and was so intimidated to come back to school,” said Goff. “But Eddie Henson, Outreach Services Specialist showed me everything and I knew LCCC was the place for me.”  Goff took the COMPASS test and started working on her prerequisites immediately.

In 2009, Carole Goff graduated with a certificate of proficiency in licensed practical nursing.  Goff did not want to stop and believed LCCC has an excellence reputation for nursing education.  She made up her mind to pursue the associate’s degree in nursing.  “I took chemistry and statistics and even took courses at The University of Akron just to fulfill my requirements to become a nurse,” stated Goff.

One summer, Carole and her daughter took microbiology with Dr. Harry Kestler.  At the time, her daughter was going to school at Stark State, but they took the summer class together.  “Everything comes much more quickly for her,” smiled Goff.  “It really hit me that I am an adult learner.”

This month it’s hitting Carole how much she has accomplished.  Now, her thinking is different. “I realize we all have adversity.  Cancer has taught me instead of asking why did this happen to me instead, I ask why did this happen for me,” said Goff.

The goal is a bachelor’s degree, but Carole really wants to put into practice what she’s learned so far.  And, of course, her goal is to one day work as a RN in a treatment facility for cancer patients.


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