Frequently Asked Questions and Common Issues

iPadFrequently Asked Questions and Common Issues

Apple (iOS) Devices

Connecting to the LCCC Wireless Network (LC3 Wireless)
When connecting to the LC3 Wireless, the connection is set up just like any ordinary wireless connection.

If you are having internet connectivity issues with the LC3 Wireless, make sure the following settings are on your iOS device: 

  • The Wi-Fi button is changed to "On"
  • You are connected to the “LC3” wireless network
  • Airplane Mode is "Off"
  • You accepted the campus user agreement.

If the settings above are correct and you are still having trouble connecting to the Internet try these troubleshooting steps in order:

  1. Open the Safari app and attempt to navigate to any web page.  This action usually brings up the LCCC wireless internet usage agreement page. 
  2. Close your Safari app completely, and open it up again (See the Closing apps that are running section of the usage guide
  3. Turn your Wi-Fi connection off, and then back on. Connect to LC3 again and attempt to access a Webpage through Safari.
  4. Turn your iPad off, and then back on. Connect to LC3 again, and attempt to access a webpage through Safari

What is Airplane Mode?
Airplane Mode is a feature on the iOS devices that have wireless transmission methods. Airplane Mode disables the usage of all of the following features:

  • Wi-Fi 
  • Cellular data connections 
  • Bluetooth 
  • GPS

Turning off Airplane Mode will enable the usage of these features. However, if you had one of the features turned off before enabling Airplane Mode, you will have to turn it on again through the settings menu.

How can I sync my LCCC email account to my iOS device?
There are full instructions with all of the data you will need to set up your LCCC email in the iOS usage guide under the “Setting up Email” section.

Can I have multiple Exchange email accounts synced to my iOS device?
Yes. You will have to enter all of the account information and set up each account individually.

Why does some web content not show up in Safari on my iOS device?
Some forms of web content will not load through Safari on iOS, such websites with content such as Flash. The best solution to this is to view the webpage on a desktop computer.

My battery life doesn’t seem to be lasting as long as it used to? How can it be improved?
There are multiple reasons for battery life decreasing over time on iOS. There are multiple things you can do to increase your battery life.

  • Decrease Screen brightness:
    Screen brightness is the biggest killer of battery life. Even taking your screen brightness down to about 75% will greatly increase your battery life.
  • Close some apps that are running in the background.
    You may not see all of the apps that you have running on your iOS device as many of them run in the background. Regularly check and see what apps that are running on your iOS device, and close the apps that you think are not necessary (see the “Closing an App” section of the usage guide).

My iOS device is locked up completely. Is there any way to get it back to normal? 
If an iOS device is locked up, you can usually get the device to reboot by holding the Home Button and the Lock button simultaneously for about 10 seconds.

How do you enable the use of Cookies on an iOS device?  
To enable the use of cookies on your iOS device tap the Settings icon on your home screen.  Scroll down and tap the Safari icon.  In the privacy section tap on accept cookies.  From here you may choose from Never, Always, or From visited. 

  • The "Never" option will disable the use of cookies on your device.
  • The "Always" option will accept cookies from all sites. 
  • The "From visited: option will only allow cookies from sites that you’ve visited.

How do I turn of location services and downloads once on my cellular data? 

  • To turn off location services on your iOS device tap the Settings icon on your home screen.  From this screen tap the location services icon.  From this screen you may choose to turn off all Location Services or pick and choose which apps you will allow Location Services to run. 
  • To turn off downloading of apps while on cellular network tap the Settings icon on your home screen.  From this screen scroll down and tap the Store icon.  From this screen you may choose to turn on or off the Use Cellular Data option.

How do I change the use of the side switch on my iOS device? 

  • To change the use of the side switch on your iOS device tap the Settings icon on your home screen. 
  • From this screen tap the General icon. 
  • From this screen scroll to the Use Side Switch To: section and choose either the Lock rotation or Mute option.
  • The Lock Rotation option will lock the orientation of the screen as is.  The Mute option will mute all sound.

How do I change my notifications settings?

  • To change your Notifications settings tap the Settings icon on your home screen. 
  • From this screen tap the Notifications icon. 
  • From this menu you may choose from a list of apps you have downloaded to your device and also some native apps which come pre-loaded on your device. 
  • To select an app to configure tap the corresponding icon. 
  • From this menu there will be multiple options to select.

How do I set up iCloud? 

  • To setup iCloud tap the Settings icon on the home screen. 
  • From this screen tap the iCloud icon. 
  • On this screen enter your Apple ID by tapping the Apple ID text box then enter your Password by tapping the Password text box. 
  • Once both the Apple ID and Password fields have been entered tap the Sign In icon. 
  • After this decide whether or not to allow Location Services for iCloud.

How do I configure Find my iPhone/iPad on my iOS device?
To use Find my iPad/iPhone download the corresponding application from the App Store.


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