Green Campus Dining Program

Green Campus Dining Program

In an effort to save you money as well as to encourage everybody to help LCCC increase our level of sustainability, Campus Dining will continue to offer both the reusable clamshell food container and reusable cup programs.  These two programs have already shown multiple benefits across several areas of the campus and can do much greater good if more people decide to take part.

Campus Dining currently purchases roughly 3000 cups and lids for soda and coffee and at least that many styrofoam clamshell food containers weekly, adding up to over 300,000 items being thrown away annually.  These programs can significantly lower those numbers, reducing our purchasing costs, resources needed to dispose of these items, and ultimately our carbon footprint.

Save money by participating in one of the following programs:


Reusable Clamshell Food Container

  • Acquired by simply requesting from cook/server
  • Initial, one time buy in cost - $5
  • When finished return to cashier.
  • Ask cashier for a token which you will keep until next purchase
  • We will clean/sanitize the container per health code
  • At next purchase, request a reusable container and present your chip to cashier
  • $.15 is deducted from purchase price every time you use the container
  • Based on the $5 buy in price, your money is recouped after 34 meals
  • Purchase before September 30, 2013 for $3 and your money is recouped after 20.

Reusable Beverage Cup

  • Acquired by cashier stand at the Marketplace – just grab one!
  • Inside is a coupon for a free first fill on us
  • Each subsequent cold beverage fill up is $.75
  • $.10 is deducted from purchase price on every coffee/hot beverage refill…including Starbucks.
  • If used only for cold beverages, purchase price is recouped after 10 refills.  
  • If used only for coffee/hot beverages, purchase price is recouped after as few as two fill ups if you choose to use your free drink on a Starbucks specialty drink.

Please consider joining in our efforts to create a more sustainable campus and enjoy the savings at the same time. 



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