1098-T Tax Forms

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 1098-T FAQ
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1098-T Tax Forms

LCCC has partnered with a service firm – ECSI – to assist with 1098-Ts covering the 2014 tax year. 

For students who had qualified education expenses that were billed during the tax year, a 1098-T form should be mailed in the month of January for the prior tax year. If grants and scholarships covered or exceeded the qualifying educational expenses for the same year, the student will not receive a statement. 
LCCC and ECSI cannot advise whether or not you qualify for a tax credit. 

Questions regarding your 1098-T form?
If you have any questions concerning your 1098-T statement or would like to review your form electronically, please visit the site  http://www.ecsi.net/taxinfo.html.   This will provide frequently asked questions and information on how to log in to view your form electronically.

You may call ECSI’s toll free hot line at any time at 1-866-428-1098. Please keep in mind ECSI cannot answer specific questions regarding the amounts on your 1098-T form.

Review detailed information regarding your 1098-T by following these instructions:

  • Log into MyCampus at https://mycampus.lorainccc.edu  
  • Click the Student Center link
  • 1098tUnder the "Finances" section dropdown box select, "View 1098-T"
  • Click the GO button  
  • Select the tax year you want to view
    • Turn off pop-up blockers
    • You may need to "Grant Consent" to view the 1098-T online
  • Your 1098-T form will appear for you to view using browser functionality.
  • For detailed information about amounts on the 1098-T, click the Box Amounts tab and drill down on the amounts links

Why didn't I receive a 1098-T form for the year?
You may not receive a 1098-T. A few of the reasons are:

  • You had no eligible tuition charges billed during the year.
  • Your grants and scholarships exceeded the "billed" eligible tuition and fees for the year.
  • You had adjustments (registration and or financial aid) from the prior year that offset the current year's billed charges.
  • Charges may have been included in a prior year.

Once again, LCCC and ECSI cannot advise whether or not you qualify for a tax credit.


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