Registration Schedule - Summer and Fall 2015

Class Registration Schedule 

Attention NEW Students

New students cannot register for classes until they attend a new-student orientation session. Click here for the Registration Checklist for new students.

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Online class registration will be conducted in the MyCampus student portal.
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Class Schedule

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Tuition Due Dates

Summer 2015 Tuition Due Dates

Start Date

Tuition Due Date

May 26 May 20
June 8 June 3
June 15 June 10
June 29 June 24

Fall 2015 Tuition Due Dates

Start Date

Tuition Due Date

August 24 August 19
September 28 September 23
October 19 October 14
November 2 October 28


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Tuition Installment Plan

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Class registration for all LCCC students will be conducted according to the schedules below. Note that there are different processes for general student registration, for College Credit Plus (Formerly PSEO) students and for nursing students. Students are always encouraged to use online registration.     

Registration for Summer and Fall 2015 will begin
Monday, March 23.


Date Time Minimum Earned
Credit Hours
Mon., March 23 8:30 am 60 or more hours
and VA or Honors Students
Tues., March 24 8:30 am 40 or more hours
Wed., March 25 8:30 am 25 or more hours
Thur., March 26 8:30 am 10 or more hours
and Athletes
Fri., March 27 8:30 am 10 or more hours
and Athletes
Mon., March 30 8:30 am Open enrollment for all,
including College Credit Plus (formerly PSEO)

Click here for registration instructions.   

Attention New Students: All new students must attend an orientation session before registering for classes. Click here for the Registration Checklist for new students.

During the first week of general registration (March 23-27), you cannot register prior to your scheduled start date listed above. 

  • Online registration is encouraged.
    Click here for registration instructions.  
  • To register by phone, call 440-366-4067.
  • In-person registration will be conducted at the Enrollment Services counter in the Bass Library.

General registration is open to all students (regardless of earned credit hours) on Monday, March 30.

You are not required to register on your scheduled day.

The schedules are only for those students who wish to register early. You may register at any time on or after your scheduled start date. 

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How to view your earned credit hours

  • Log into  
  • Under "Academics," click on the dropdown menu
  • Select "Grades" and then click the "Go" button
  • Select the most current term

The screen will show your current grade point average and earned credit hours (called "Units Taken Toward GPA").

Please do not attempt to register prior to your scheduled date
The system will not accept your registration prior to your scheduled date.  You may register any time after your scheduled start date and time. We appreciate your cooperation.

Click here for registration instructions.

If you have questions, visit, visit Enrollment Services in the Bass Library/Community Resource Center or call 440-366-4032. 

Nursing Student Registration

Class registration will not be available online, by phone or in person.  Printable registration forms will be posted on the LCCC Nursing Information site, enabing you to select courses.  Details will be provided by your instructors. 

You may register for any non-nursing courses according to the general student registration schedule beginning March 23, 2015.


Register for Fall Classes

Register now for Fall 2015 classes. Fall classes begin August 24.
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Beginning Summer 2015
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MyTuition Guarantee

LCCC students now have the opportunity to participate in the MyTuition Guarantee. This new program holds tuition and fee rates for students registering in fall 2014, spring 2015, or fall 2015 for up to three years or until the completion of a degree, whichever comes first.
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