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Find information here for transferring to LCCC and for LCCC students transferring to other institutions.

The Transfer Center makes transferring an easy and effective way to complete your educational goals.  It provides information for students both transferring into LCCC and those students desiring to transfer on to other colleges and universities.  This includes:

Students Transferring to LCCC

LCCC Students

The state of Ohio has established law and policies which guarantee transfer students the following:

  • Credit TransferAll college-level courses satisfactorily completed at one Ohio public higher education institution will be accepted at all others;
  • All equivalent courses transferred will apply to a student's degree objective in the same manner as the equivalent course at the receiving institution;
  • That a sub-set of a public higher education institution's general education requirements, called a Transfer Module, will transfer as a block (36-40 semester hours) in lieu of the receiving institution's Transfer Module (Click here for the LCCC Transfer Module);
  • That transfer students will be treated equitably with students who started at any of the public higher education institutions;
  • That appeal procedures will be provided at the institutional level and the state level to adjudicate any problems relating to the implementation of the law and policies (see Appeal Procedure).

Lorain County Community College strongly supports all Ohio’s Articulation and Transfer State Initiatives and shares a philosophy of fostering student success.  Students transferring in from quarter system schools are welcome and LCCC will work diligently to ensure a smooth transition to fulfill its commitment of its transfer guarantee for Ohioans. 

Transfer Assurance Guides
Statewide Transfer Assurance Guides (TAGs) are composed of general education courses (Transfer Module courses) and specified courses required for the academic major. A TAG as an advising tool can assist Ohio college and college-bound students planning specific majors to make course selections that will ensure comparable, compatible, and equivalent learning experiences across the state’s higher-education system. TAGs apply across, at least, all public higher education institutions in Ohio and embody commonly accepted pathways to majors within the bachelor’s degree. TAG-approved courses are assigned an Ohio Articulated Number (OAN) and are accepted and applied to the major at all Ohio public colleges and universities. Thirty-eight major specific TAG pathways in the arts, humanities, business, communication, education, health, mathematics, science, engineering, engineering technologies, and the social sciences have been developed by faculty teams. Additional information on specific Transfer Assurance Guides can be found on the Ohio Board of Regents Web site. 

Click here for a list of LCCC TAG-Approved courses.         

TAGs enable students to make informed course selection decisions and plans for their future transfer. Advisory at the institution to which a student wishes to transfer should also be consulted during the transfer process. Because of specific major requirements, early identification of the intended major is encouraged.

Ohio Articulation Number (OAN)
Pre-major courses that represent the commonly accepted pathway to majors within the bachelor’s degree (TAGs) have been reviewed by statewide faculty committees. Courses or course sequences meeting established learning outcome standards are assigned a discipline specific OANs. When consensus is established and a course is noted with both the colleges or universities departmental designation and the assigned Ohio Articulation Number (OAN,) students are assured not only of the equivalency of the courses, but of their application to the degree objective. A complete listing of Lorain County Community Colleges OAN approved courses can be found at 

Career Technical Credit Transfer
Statewide Career Technical Credit Transfer (CT2) is similar to TAGs, but composed of career-technical courses instead of general education courses. CT2can assist Ohio college and college-bound students in making decisions on course selection that will ensure comparable, compatible and equivalent learning experiences between and among all public higher education institutions in Ohio, and embody commonly accepted pathways to applied degree programs - both at the associate and baccalaureate levels - across the state.

CT2-approved courses are assigned an Ohio “Career Technical Assurance Number” (CTAN).  Courses bearing these numbers are accepted and considered equivalent for completion of applied degree requirements at all Ohio public colleges and universities.  It is important to note that the CT2 identification, alignment, and numbering process is still underway, so not all applied degree areas are covered or courses determined yet.  Additional information on the Career Transfer Assurance Guides process may be found at

As with TAGs, advisors at the institution to which a student wishes to transfer should be consulted during the course selection/transfer preparation process. 

Lists of approved CT2 courses/programs that are guaranteed to transfer can be found at:  

Click here for a list of CT2 (Also known as CTAG) approved courses.        

Course Applicability System.
The Course Applicability System ( is a web-based program that allows students to keep track of and check on how their LCCC courses will transfer to other Ohio colleges and universities.  With, students are able to:

  • Establish a account (free of charge)
  • Store information on completed courses 
  • Obtain information on how Lorain County Community College courses transfer to other Ohio colleges and universities 
  • Request transfer guides that will provide information on
       1. how courses transfer
       2. how courses apply to intended major after transferring
       3. what courses are still needed to complete a degree after transferring 
  • Obtain information on how courses from other Ohio colleges and universities transfer to Lorain County Community College

To access, go to or click on "Transfer Information" from the LCCC Student section on the home page.

Transfer Student Information
LC 157G, 440-366-4074

Team Members

Ms. Sun Jamerson
Interim Associate Registrar
Extension 7569 

Ms. Nora Burkholder
Transfer and Articulation Specialist
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Ms. Carolina Matheus
Staff Assistant
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Ms. Toni Duncan
Staff Assistant
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