Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts

Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts

With Congressional authorization set forth in Public Law 110-417, the Department of Defense is expanding the Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts – MyCAA – for military spouses of active duty and activated Guard and Reserve Service members worldwide beginning in mid May 2009.

MyCAA is currently completing an extensive testing period with the help of volunteer spouses, schools and other payees. Final administrative processes are now being put into place. In mid May, MyCAA will officially open its doors for eligible military spouses worldwide to receive up to $6,000 of financial assistance to help pay for licenses, certifications and education in high growth, high demand portable career fields.

What is a Portable Career?

Portable careers are those that are likely to provide job opportunities in most locations where military Service members are stationed. These might include but are not limited to: business/management, construction trades, education, financial services, health services, homeland security, hospitality management, human resources, information technology, real estate, etc.

Visit the Career One Stop Web site to take self-assessments, analyze your skills, and explore careers and industries. Find your local One-Stop Center by entering your zip code into the Service Locator. Visit the Career Voyages Web site for information on in-demand occupations and high growth industries.

Where can spouses get basic MyCAA information?

Spouses who wish to participate in MyCAA should seek basic information right here! Keep reading!

There are several self-help steps that should be completed prior to requesting an appointment with a Military OneSource Career/Education Consultant to receive career and education counseling and MyCAA financial assistance.

  1. Determine your MyCAA eligibility.

    If you are a military spouse married to an active duty or activated Guard or Reserve Service member, AND you are interested in pursuing portable career education, training, licenses or certifications, you are eligible to receive financial assistance from MyCAA.
  2. Here's what you have to do to get started.
    • Set a portable Career Goal that matches your career interests. (e.g. Become a Certified Public Accountant; Become a Licensed Cosmetologist; Become a Medical Transcriptionist, etc.).
    • Visit MyCAAs webpage from the Military OneSource website ( Click on ‘School Search’ in the left navigation. You can search by school name or state or scroll through the schools which are listed alphabetically. If your school is not listed, you can submit a request for DoD approval by clicking the “Can’t Find School” link at the bottom of the pop-up window.
    • Begin working with your school or other program counselor to list all school and course of study requirements. Do not sign any financial documents until after your MyCAA Career Plan is reviewed with a Military OneSource Career/Education Consultant. This will become the basis for your MyCAA Career Plan to which MyCAA financial assistance will be applied.
  3. E-mail us if you have specific questions or need assistance prior to the MyCAA launch in mid May 09.
    • For those who need website technical assistance, send an e-mail to
    • For those who have questions about which schools and other payees are participating in MyCAA, go to the MyCAA website (, and click on ‘School Search’ under the Resources tab. You can search by school name or state or scroll through the schools which are listed alphabetically. If your school is not listed, you can submit a request for DoD approval by clicking the “Can’t Find School” link at the bottom of the pop-up window.
    • For school and other payee officials who have questions about DoD's direct invoice and payment processes, send an e-mail to: .

Who can help spouses develop a MyCAA Career Plan and explain how MyCAA financial assistance will be provided?

  • Check information on regularly to find out the exact MyCAA launch date.
  • In the meantime, keep exploring your Portable Career options and working on your Career Plan with your school or other program counselor.
  • Once MyCAA is launched, call a Military OneSource Career/Education Consultant (1-800-342-9647) for an appointment.
  • The MOS Career/Education Consultants can answer questions you might have and provide assistance as you explore career fields of interest, job markets and salary ranges, choose a relevant course of study from a recognized school or program, learn more about the licensing and certifications necessary to meet your Career Goal, and complete your Career Plan.
  • MOS Career/Education Consultants can also explain how financial assistance is paid directly by MyCAA to your school or other program. They can also help you find additional sources of financial assistance if necessary.

Military Spouse Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) Details

MyCAA provides up to $6,000 of financial assistance for eligible spouses directly to participating schools or other programs. If they are already listed in the MyCAA system, a spouse and his/her school or other program are ready to proceed with their request for financial assistance. If not, the military spouse needs to click “Can’t Find School” on the MyCAA website ( to request that his/her school or other program be added. MyCAA financial assistance will pay for expenses such as post-secondary education and training tuition, licensing, and credentialing fees. It does not pay for computers, school application fees, graduation fees, student activity cards, child care, parking, transportation, medical services or testing fees.


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