LCCC strongly stands behind the quality of its graduates with The LCCC Guarantee of Graduate Quality. Through a series of three unique guarantee programs, LCCC remains at the forefront of America’s community colleges by guaranteeing transfer of credits, by guaranteeing admission to four-year institutions for students wanting to transfer to earn bachelor’s degrees, and by guaranteeing employers that LCCC graduates are well-prepared for jobs.

Employer Guarantee

Extending the notion that all LCCC graduates are well-prepared, including those who complete programs making them ready for direct entry into the workforce, LCCC assures employers of the quality of that preparation with an Employer Guarantee.

This program guarantees employers that students completing applied degree programs at LCCC are able to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and abilities described in respective program outcomes during the three years following the awarding of the degree. Employers realizing a deficiency in any LCCC grad are assured that the College provides the employee up to 15 credit hours of coursework tuition-free to remediate the deficiency. There is no cost to the employer. Through this program, employers receive unequivocal assurance that LCCC grads have the knowledge, skills and competencies that are expected of them upon graduation.

Transfer of Credits Guaranteed

If students are planning to transfer to a four-year institution after attending LCCC, students can be assured that credits will be accepted by the receiving institution under the Ohio Department of Education Articulation and Transfer Policy. This policy guarantees the transfer of all college level courses and a block of courses called the Transfer Module. The LCCC Transfer Module transfers to any public college or university in Ohio.

Guaranteed Admission

LCCC, through agreements with seven Ohio universities, guarantees admission for LCCC associate of arts and associate of science degree graduates. The seven universities are The University of Akron, Bowling Green State University, Cleveland State University, Kent State University, The Ohio State University, the University of Toledo and Youngstown State University. The agreement with BGSU includes LCCC associate of applied science graduates. Ohio University guarantees admission through its interpretation of the Ohio Board of Regents Articulation and Transfer Policy. With the agreements, LCCC graduates have the guarantee that they will be granted admission and have the same status as those students who started at the home universities. LCCC and the seven operating universities are committed to extending the Ohio Board of Regents Articulation and Transfer Policy through:

  • Coordination of curriculum and student development expectations;
  • Block transfer of general education credits;
  • Mutual acceptance of all college-level courses;
  • Equitable treatment of transfer students with those who start at a particular university.

This guaranteed admission policy helps make transfer easier than ever. Additionally, LCCC has established individual agreements with several four-year colleges to smooth the transfer to these institutions.

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