Campus Construction Information


HS Building Closed for Renovation

The HS Building will undergo renovation with limited construction activities beginning Monday April 3, 2017 on the first floor, The second floor is not affected with the April start date. 

Circulation will be maintained in the main corridor on the first floor until May 8, 2017 when the entire HS Building will be closed for renovation.  No circulation will be maintained; access will be by authorized personnel only.

Food service at the Bistro in the HS/PS Bridge will be discontinued April 24, 2017 for the duration of the renovation.

The majority of the building is expected to be back in service for Fall Term 2017, with instructional spaces being given priority scheduling.


UC Atrium Construction

Construction has commenced on the University Center atrium.  For the safety of our staff and students, the main entrance has been blocked off along with access to the center stairwell on all three floors of the building. 

You may still access the building from the north, south, and west entrances.  The elevators are still accessible as well.  A small portion of lot #5 towards the main entrance of the University Center has also been blocked off. 

This work is scheduled to be completed around August 11, 2017.