Climate Action Progress

Lorain County Community College assesses energy and carbon reduction potential in a cross functional team environment and considers financial impacts, technological considerations, social aspects and long term operational strategies in its decision to move forward on initiatives to work toward being carbon neutral.

  1. Energy Policy: Adopted an Energy Policy and Environment-Energy Standards.
  2. Recycling Program: LCCC has evaluated its waste streams to determine opportunities to divert waste from the landfill in order to reduce GHG emissions. The institution implemented a single stream recycling program to recycle and comingle plastic, paper, aluminum and metal with the goal to reduce waste to the landfill. 
  3. Paper Print Management System Process: A computerized system was created to track and monitor on Campus printing. The copy machines and printing processes have been changed to require double sided printing as the standard printer default. 
  4. Construction standards: Standards created to define energy standards and LEED certification levels. 
  5. Operations and Maintenance: Process improvements strategies have been created to reduce energy. 
  6. IT Department: Infrastructure and Data center energy reduction strategies created. 
  7. Commuting: Commuting reduction strategies implemented such as long distance learning and Community outreach centers. 
  8. Travel Mileage reduction: Strategies implemented encouraging the usage of technology. 
  9. Grounds Maintenance: Strategies implemented to reduce water consumption, mowing and fertilizers. 
  10. Master Sustainability landscape plan: Developed to preserve and maintain the natural habitat and to reduce the environmental impact from GHG.

 Green House Gas summary

GHGs for Lorain County Community College
Reporting Year Gross Emissions Net Emissions Full Time Enrollments Total Bldg. Sq. Ft.
2009 37300.0 37300.0 6816.0 1002041.0
2010 33120.0 33120.0 4648.0 1032863.0
2011 32593.0 32593.0 4268.0 1039463.0
  • Change in GHG gross emissions
  • Change in GHG emissions per 1000 sq.ft. building space
  • Change in GHG emissions per full time enrollment (FTE)


Read LCCC’s 2012 Climate Action Plan.