MyOneYearAdvantage1We Give Credit Where It’s Due – To You!

Through My One-Year Advantage at Lorain County Community College, students who have completed a 900-hour technical training program and industry credential can be awarded 30 technical college credit hours — COMPLETELY FREE! You’ll already be halfway to your associate of technical studies (ATS) and can finish your degree in as little as one year or at your own pace.

Getting your ATS at a quality college like LCCC will unlock the next level of your career, preparing you for promotions, salary raises, and more. And with our flexible online and on-location learning options, it’s easy to fit college into your life.



  • Get the technical college credits you’ve earned — free!
  • Finish your ATS degree quickly — so you can start advancing your career in as little as one year!
  • Spend less, earn more with an LCCC degree
  • Brookings Institute scores LCCC highest for Ohio community colleges in earnings in value-added rankings
  • Take our classes online or through your local technical center — it’s flexible and easy!
  • Increase your earning potential and career security with your ATS degree — so you can enjoy the lifestyle you want!
  • Get financial aid, tutoring, a personal advisor, and more — so you’re sure to succeed!
  • Take your education even further by building on your ATS for a bachelor of technical studies degree

You’ve already achieved so much… don’t stop now. Call us at 440-366-4856 to get the college credits you’ve earned and maximize your personal and professional potential with MY ONE-YEAR ADVANTAGE!

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