Inclusion, Access, Diversity, Social Justice and Equity

Lorain County Community College is committed to equity, the idea that students from marginalized and underrepresented populations have access to resources that empower student success and close completion achievement gaps. Equity is based upon the principle of fairness and is distinct from equality. While equality involves treating everyone the same way, equity provides each individual or group what they need to have an equal opportunity to succeed. A commitment to equity also includes identifying and removing structural barriers faced by underserved students. As a campus community, we will adopt practices that promote equity, grow the culture of inclusion, demand social justice and use that power to ensure success for all students. 

Achieving the Dream provides some examples of historically underrepresented students. These include but are not limited to: first-generation and low-income students; students of color; adult students; marginalized orientations, gender identities, and intersex students; students with second-language backgrounds; undocumented students; veterans; students with disabilities; students with dependents; foster care youth; and formerly and currently incarcerated students.


Equity By Design Events

Safe Zone Training
March 28, 2023

2 - 3:30 p.m. 
SP 210

The SafeZone Workshop is a training that aims to increase knowledge of the LGBTQ+ community, understanding of vocabulary, and issues within the community and higher education. The goal is to create a visible network of allies who are committed to creating a community of respect and dignity for LGBTQ+ students, staff, faculty, and others. Participants will explore and investigate gender, sexuality, and privilege as a part of this training. This workshop is open to faculty, staff and students.

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Emotional Intelligence: Awareness & Relationship Management, Part II
April 11, 2023

10:30 - 12 a.m. 
SP 210

Within the Social Awareness and Relationship Management domains of Emotional Intelligence, demonstrating empathy and effectively coaching and mentoring others are key. In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore and practice three skills that are foundational for coaching and mentoring: Active Listening, Asking Powerful Questions, and engaging in Direct Communication.

Goals and Learning Objectives

  1. To explore the Emotional Intelligence domains of Social Awareness and Relationship Management, particularly Empathy and Coaching & Mentoring.
  2. To discover and practice three foundational coaching & mentoring skills: Active Listening, Asking Powerful Questions, and engaging in Direct Communication.
  3. To build each participant’s capacity to put these skills into use.
  4. To foster a diverse and inclusive environment where people are heard, respected, and understood.

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Communicating about Culturally Sensitive Issues
April 26, 2023

11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Discussions about cultural differences can be uncomfortable. They take courage. In this course, Duke University professor Dr. Daisy Lovelace shares principles and strategies that can help you have more productive, meaningful conversations on topics related to diversity. Daisy helps you understand that everyone has a unique lens based on their experiences, and that understanding and appreciating that difference is the first step in being able to discuss sensitive topics. She also outlines a number of techniques to help you navigate these difficult conversations.

Goals and Learning Objectives

  1. Explain the factors that can make a conversation around culture challenging.
  2. Interpret which ground rules to use for culturally sensitive conversations.
  3. Distinguish between the conversations of impact versus intent and debate versus dialogue.
  4. Determine the steps needed to be an ally.
  5. Describe the techniques to show empathy for dialogues around diversity.
  6. Articulate the best approach for sharing feedback when a person is offended.

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Commodore Conversations
October 13, 2023

10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Location TBD

Commodore Conversations was established in 2020 to continuously uplift our culture of care and emphasize our foundational value of equity for all in all that we do. This day of dialogue offers the campus and larger Lorain county community an opportunity to engage with others in learning, listening and designing actions to move our community forward.

Additional details are forthcoming.

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Voices of Equity Podcast

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2021 Equity Progress Update

The Lorain County Community College (LCCC) Equity Progress Update includes information on the current and planned work and actionable data from analytics and student feedback that relate to the equity work of the college. 

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Commodore Conversations 2020 LibGuide

The Commodore Conversations 2020 LibGuide includes recommended books, videos, and links.


The Advocacy and Resource Center (ARC)

The Advocacy and Resource Center (ARC) can help you overcome barriers to your success. They provide advice, resources and connections and can help get you over the hurdles you are facing – no matter how large – and get you back on track to finish your degree.


Faculty Resources

Speaking Up Without Tearing Down – Teaching Tolerance

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Staff Resources

Higher Education and Work Amid Crisis – Inside Higher Ed


Support Services for Students

For additional engagement opportunities for students, visit Student Life or propose an idea to your Student Senate 

LCCC provides the following support services to help students deal with important issues and to provide greater opportunity for academic success. 

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