Lorain County Community College is committed to equity, the idea that students from marginalized and underrepresented populations have access to resources that empower student success and close completion achievement gaps. Equity is based upon the principle of fairness and is distinct from equality. While equality involves treating everyone the same way, equity provides each individual or group what they need to have an equal opportunity to succeed. A commitment to equity also includes identifying and removing structural barriers faced by underserved students. As a campus community, we will adopt practices that promote equity, grow the culture of inclusion, demand social justice and use that power to ensure success for all students. 

Achieving the Dream provides some examples of historically underrepresented students. These include but are not limited to: first-generation and low-income students; students of color; adult students; marginalized orientations, gender identities, and intersex students; students with second-language backgrounds; undocumented students; veterans; students with disabilities; students with dependents; foster care youth; and formerly and currently incarcerated students.


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Support Services for Students

LCCC provides the following support services to help students deal with important issues and to provide greater opportunity for academic success. 

Please visit our Support Services page for a complete list.