#1  Drive Student Completion for Academic and Career Success

Reduce Time and Cost to Completion
Blend Educational Continuum to reduce the time and cost to earn a degree or credential (i.e., Early College High School, MyUniversity, University Partnership, Competency- Based Education, Prior Learning Assessment).

Coach Every Student for Success
Wrap personalized intervention and coaching strategies around every student to map pathway to success to achieve goals.

Improve College Readiness
Minimize the need for developmental education by partnering with secondary schools; Launch new designs and delivery models to accelerate progression based on students needs and abilities.

Enhance Student Learning
Leverage innovative teaching models, adaptive learning technologies, contextualized learning and different delivery methods to help meet diverse student learning needs.

Develop Structured Pathways to In-Demand Careers and Employers
Raise awareness of in-demand careers, related educational programs, help students identify and persist in a career pathway that includes real-world experience and connection to employers with jobs.

Engage More Adult Learners
Develop programs, services and outreach services and delivery models that engage more adult learners in our community.

Close Achievement Gaps of Under-Resourced Learners
Support under-resourced students with multiple learning barriers, less-than-ideal background preparation, and competing demands brought on as a result of highly complex life conditions.

#2   Lead Talent Development While Accelerating Business and Job Growth

Foster Employer-Driven Talent Development
Engage employers in identifying required skills and credentials of in-demand careers; partner with employers to forecast and build talent supply chain, and in the delivery of accelerated, competency-based programs that up-skill existing talent base.

Expand Programs that Stimulate and Support Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Inspire an entrepreneurial mindset and support entrepreneurial business ideas of students, community and industry through access to sound business coaching, capital support, prototyping and commercialization services. Connect entrepreneurs with partner resources.

Leverage Technology and Expertise to Help Companies Accelerate Commercialization and Manufacturing of New Products
Stimulate Maker Movement through Fab Lab, support commercialization of new products through SMART, provide students with real-world experience through applied projects.

Partner to Secure Economic Growth Opportunities for Our Community
Leverage core strengths and performance in economic growth initiatives to partner in connecting our community to regional, state and national initiatives that keep our economy competitive.

#3   Inspire Community Engagement, Connectivity, Diversity and Wellness

Forge Connections by Capitalizing on Innovative Digital Technologies and Infrastructure
Realize the full potential of our community’s enhanced digital infrastructure to advance the growth and connectedness of private and public sector partners, enhancing effectiveness, creating efficiencies and increasing competitiveness.

Impact Quality of Life of Under-served Populations
Expand partnerships and programs that respond to the unique needs and opportunities of those most under-represented/under-served in our community.

Engage and Serve the Senior Community
Develop partnerships, programs and services that engage and serve older adults in our community including education, economic, cultural and community enrichment initiatives.

Increase Community Capacity Building
Serve as a resource by partnering with others for community planning and problem solving through neutral convening, application of data/information and innovative process tools to discover common ground and achieve collective impact.

Enhance Creativity and Diversity
Promote rich cultural arts programming to stimulate the community’s cultural growth and engagement in education, economic and community development.

Improve Community Health and Wellness
Reach out to the community with programs and services to improve the health and wellness of all citizens.