Accommodation List

(formerly called a VISA)

After student documentation has been brought in and the Accessibility Services Coordinator or Learning Specialist has had a chance to go over the documentation with the student, an Accommodation List is set up, if needed.

Key Points   

  • The student needs to show a copy of the Accommodation List to the instructor as early as possible.
  • Often, students will give a copy of the Accommodation List to the instructor, but they do not have to. Unless there is a ‘need to know’ situation, the student does not need to give any personal disability details to the instructor unless he or she wants to.
  • The student may choose to use some or all of the accommodations on the Accommodation List.
  • If the student has extended time for testing, he or she will need to follow the testing guidelines that have been outlined during the intake. View the Guidelines for Testing Accommodations. Students especially need to make sure they have a conversation with their instructor as to where and when a test will take place. It is the responsibility of the student to remind an instructor 3 days prior to a test that they will need the testing accommodation.
  • If there is a discrepancy between the learning objective of a course and the use of an accommodation, the learning objective comes first. If there is a question on this, please contact Accessibility Services to arrange a discussion.
  • The student using an Accommodation List will need to follow the day and time the instructor has set up for a test to be taken.
  • If a student has any difficulty using any accommodations, he or she should first meet with the instructor to talk through the issue. If for any reason further assistance is needed, the student can meet with the Coordinator or Learning Specialist in Accessibility Services to see what might be done.